Our favourite pieces

Selected design highlights from our Motel One hotels that you can enjoy at home

At Motel One, we try our hardest to integrate the most beautiful pieces from international designers and artists into our interiors to create that wow effect. Maybe you’ve already fallen in love with a piece you discovered at one of our hotels? We’ve handpicked some of our favourites, which you can use to give your own home that je ne sais quoi.

Heavenly Bavaria

The Trove and Occhio lights in our Motel One Munich-Messe shine like the starry skies over Bavaria. Get into the Munich spirit by sitting back in the Merwyn armchair by Wittman – its chic yet casual design perfectly captures true Munich style. Enjoy pure Bavarian comfort.

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Where opposites attract

Rough yet cosy, chic yet full of character – the interior of our Motel One Berlin-Spittelmarkt is all about industrial style. Cool primary colours and metal accents, such as the Eva pendant lights by Officine DASA, are an integral part of the raw, factory look. Soft textiles, such as the Morrison sofa by Arketipo, add a touch of homely comfort.

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'Antibodi', 'Fjord', 'Paper Planes', 'Double Zero', 'Bouquet', 'Mimi' - at Motel One Berlin-Alexanderplatz, you’ll find one stunning piece of furniture after the next. The vibrant pastiche of Moroso masterpieces reflects the colourful character of the capital in all its variety. A perfect example how elegance and extravagance match!

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Dreamy design

Don’t be surprised to find your head in the cottony clouds when you arrive at the Motel One Manchester-Royal Exchange. The Blum pendant light by Arturo Alvarez floats gracefully through the lounge, while the soft, cloud-like Jupiter armchair by Arketipo features a timeless design that is sure to warm your heart.

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Delivering you the whole design package

Contrast breathes life into an interior – and there’s no better example than our Motel One Leipzig-Post, where the golden yellow leather Anais armchair by Baxter looks like a ray of sunshine against the cloud-themed Heiter bis wolkig carpet by Jan Kath. Black Wireflow pendant lights by Vibia add a minimalist yet punchy contrast.

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Classic meets modern

The design of our Motel One Bonn-Beethoven says it all – classics don’t go out of fashion; they roll with the times. The Neverending Glory glass pendant lights by Lasvit replace classic chandeliers, the Papy Bergere wing chair by Moroso offers a modern touch, and the Palette side table by &tradition reinterprets and combines several classic shapes and materials, such as marble, brass and wood.

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Highland Highlights

Leaning back on the Messina sofa by Style Matters in our Motel One Glasgow is as peaceful as stepping across the moss-covered stones that line the Scottish Highlands. The Rothschild & Bickers Standing Pendant and Spindle Pendant lamps are inspired by whisky decanters and grey storm clouds. A Net side table by Moroso, which is reminiscent of the tracks of the West Highland Railway Line, and custom Motel One tartan fabric round off the look. There’s no more scenic way to enjoy an afternoon tea or whisky. Cheers!

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Sleek but reserved

Sometimes less is simply more. Take Moroso’s Redondo velvet armchair for example, which holds its own as a design highlight in our Motel One Munich-Parkstadt Schwabing. The Aérostat F27 desk lamp by Fabbian and Grand Cru hanging lamps by Massifcentral are sure to put you in a good light.

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Colour is all the rage when it comes to interior design – and nowhere is this more clear than at our Motel One Cologne-Neumarkt.
From all-natural hanging flower baskets by Atelier Haussmann to the delicately shaped Strike XL armchair by arrmet, subtle and transparent Pick-n-Mix glass lamps by Rothschild & Bickers, or an ornate carpet with vintage flair, such as the Serapi Queensbury by Jan Kath.



Once upon a time, there was a hotel at Frankfurt-Römer ... featuring a midnight blue Vuelta 72 velvet armchair by Wittmann, the Ingo Maurer 24 Karat Blau lamp and the small, refined Clip Hexagonal end table by Marelli – standing on the exuberant blossoms of the Fool’s Paradise carpet by Moooi. Then you came along and felt right at home. What a happy ending!



The Spanish family business Nanimarquina is famous for its extraordinary creations, which have revolutionised the world of carpets. Their Hayon x Nani carpet resembles an abstract painting – one that you walk on – and decorates our Motel One Barcelona-Ciutadella.

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Designer Alvaro Catalán de Ocón was inspired by traditional basket-weaving techniques on his mission to find a sustainable solution to the accumulation of plastic waste. He launched his PET Lamp initiative in 2011, which transforms plastic bottles into stunning hanging lamps, such as the Eperara Siapidara – which can be seen at our Motel One Barcelona-Ciutadella.

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We’ve created a dolce vita atmosphere in our Motel One-Alexanderplatz with the uniquely shaped Bohemian lounge chair by the Italian label Moroso – experts in upholstered furnishings since the 50s – where you can relax in style and take it easy.

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The Lake Floral Blue carpet that graces our Motel One-Alexanderplatz makes guests feel as if they were floating over a pond of water lilies. Manufactured by the family business Golran, the carpet is hand-knotted from a blend of wool and silk. Today, the tradition-steeped brand is based in Milan, but they were originally founded by a Persian great-grandfather, who brought his knowledge of craftsmanship and trade to Europe.

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