Inspired by Berlin

The design concept of the Motel One Berlin-Alexanderplatz

Berlin is different – colourful and unconventional. This can be observed not only in the extensive graffiti, but also in the bold fashion trends that you encounter on the street. Designers and street artists use the capital and its flamboyant impressions as a source of inspiration. The city is also the perfect place to give your own creativity free reign. 
We want to help visitors experience this special atmosphere with the ‘fashion meets street art’ design concept at the Motel One Berlin-Alexanderplatz. 

The colourful, fashion-oriented and extraordinary furnishings in the lobby perfectly embody this theme. They have been exclusively produced by the Italian label Moroso, chiefly using natural and recyclable materials. There is also unique designer furniture in the breakfast and bar area.

We invited fashion students at HTW Berlin to help design the breakfast area by holding the competition ‘4.0 Berlin Alexanderplatz – Streetwear meets Motel One’, drawing a number creative entries. The two best submissions can now be admired as a large installation in the breakfast area.

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The heart of the hotel is the mural devoted to fashion in the inner courtyard, designed by the artist collective KLUB7 and inspired by Berlin’s subculture and urban roots. Different patterns and textures come together in the artwork to establish a connection to fashion and fabric. KLUB7 uses a symbiotic, contemporary working approach to create its pieces. The collective combines the various styles of the individual members, developing complex yet harmonious communal works that observers can interpret in a variety of ways.   

The collective’s consolidation of different textures and styles is visible in the mural in the inner courtyard as well as the collage behind the reception. In the latter, the artists worked directly with fabrics, again allowing all the KLUB7 members to combine their individual technical skills to create a piece that plays off the topic of fashion. The material collage boasts a fascinating tension and depth due to the various colours and textures.

Check out our interview and ‘making of’ video to get an insight into the creation process for both works.

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Other KLUB7 art installations can be found in the individual hotel rooms. Above the headboard, wooden pieces are positioned adjacent to one another to resemble cutting patterns, reflecting details from the mural and the collage. You can discover fabrics, drawings and organic shapes, with fashion and street art blending together to create a single unique artwork.

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