Out and about on foot

These cities are perfect for a walkation!

When you want to take a short trip, there’s nothing better than a city break. You’ll discover loads of new experiences, sights, flavours and aromas right on the hotel doorstep – not to mention the many attractions that are just waiting to be explored. Of course, it’s much simpler when you can experience the city without having to first take a long journey on public transport or by car. After all, no one wants to spend their holiday stuck in traffic.



And as the saying goes, the journey is the reward! That’s why we set off on a search for the European cities that are best discovered on foot. Here’s the test we used: how many top sights can we visit on foot – step by step – how far away are they from one another, and how long does the journey take us? Walk through our recommended routes here:

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Royal Round.

Take it in stride


Cakes, castles and Viennese charm.

Stroll ahead


Bridges, but no troubled water.

The art of walking


Flora and fauna in all their glory.

What are you waiting for?


Green wave all the way.

Off we go!


Schottland in style.

Just a hop, skip and a jump


A riverside walk through Cottonopolis.

Walk this way!


Savour the lakeside breeze and delicious chocs.

Just follow your nose


Building suspense.

Always on the run