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Home to more than half a million people, Nuremberg is the second biggest city in Bavaria, known for the impressive Kaiserburg imperial castle, its succulent grilled sausages, and annual Christmas market. Motel One Hotels offers three affordable design hotels in the Franconian city of Nuremberg. At the Hotel Nuremberg-City, the Hotel Nuremberg-Hauptbahnhof and the Hotel Nuremberg-Plärrer you can look forward to the usual friendly service, individual design, free Wi-Fi and a balanced breakfast with regional products. Our One Lounge features motifs drawn from the history of Nuremberg in an appealingly put-together design, and comfy sofas and armchairs in which to relax and unwind.

And did you know that Nuremberg was the birthplace of Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer?

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Budget design hotels in Nuremberg – your Motel One

Both Design Hotels are within walking distance of Nuremberg central station and thus are highly convenient if you’re arriving by train. We’d recommend starting a tour of the town centre at the Schöne Brunnen fountain, a popular central landmark. It is decorated with 40 statues reflecting in clever detail the key institutions and world view of Germany in the late 14th century.

The buildings surrounding the fountain are in a mainly Gothic style, showing how much the town was influenced by the Renaissance. The Sebalduskirche is the oldest parish church in Nuremberg, and houses the relics of the town’s patron saint St. Sebald and a valuable stockpile of pre-Reformation art. The old Town Hall boasts an imposing façade styled after that of an Italian palazzo, while inside there are the ostentatious, Gothic-inspired Rathaussaal and sinister dungeons to admire.

Before paying a visit to the picturesque Kaiserburg, we’d recommend you take full advantage of our balanced and healthy breakfast buffet before heading out, as it towers over the city centre. But the climb is worth it: there are great views over the town from the viewing platform at the top of this castle on its sandstone crag. You can also take a guided tour to find out about the fascinating history of this fortification.

The Kaiserburg, Albrecht-Dürer House and Hangman's Bridge – a circuit of Nuremberg

In the shelter of the castle is the family home of Renaissance polymath Albrecht Dürer, a well-preserved half-timbered building that Dürer lived in from 1509. It’s now a museum full of fascinating insights into Dürer’s life and works. Which of his masterpieces do you admire the most?

To return towards the hotel from the other side of the Pegnitz river, you’ll be crossing the Henkersteg – the Hangman’s Bridge. Built in 1457 as a small wooden footbridge leading from the hangman’s tower, today the bridge is a striking construction and one of the town’s key landmarks. The local grilled sausages and a freshly drawn-beer are a fitting way to round off your day. We’d be glad to welcome you back to your hotel with a refreshing beverage or two. There awaits you a congenial ambiance in which to compare notes on your impressions of Nuremberg, followed by cosy box spring beds for pleasant slumbers.

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