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Fruity, tart or classic? These signature drinks in our Rooftop One bars offer a taste of something special!

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The mountains are calling – more specifically, the Nordkette mountain range. We’ve secured a front-row seat for the Tyrolean alpine panorama at our Motel One Innsbruck. It’s a dream location for all types of summiteer.

HIGHLIGHT: In no way does the number 13 bring bad luck – up here on the 13th floor, it’s not just the alcohol that will lift your spirits. The spectacular view of the Alps from our bar and its outdoor terrace will also give you a serotonin boost. Wielding the cocktail shaker yourself is strongly encouraged here thanks to the Innsbruck hotel’s ‘mix your own’ policy. 

THE DESIGN: Alpine charm with a modern twist! Carvings and mountain-style decorative features ensure a cosy feel, like a proper Tyrolean restaurant, while designer furniture, modern art and the view of the city provide contemporary accents. 

Sun–Thu: 6:00 am–1:00 am
Fri–Sat: 7:00 am–2:00 am

There is a workbench on the 13th floor (no separate room). There is also an enclosed boardroom located on the ground floor for meetings of up to 10 people. 
For enquiries, contact:


Motel One Innsbruck

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The picturesque metropolis of Rotterdam doesn’t just have a good portion of flair in common with Manhattan, it also has a bar that more than keeps up with its counterparts across the Atlantic.

HIGHLIGHT: On the fifth floor of this Motel One, you’ll find a lounge, breakfast area and the Cloud One Bar, including rooftop terrace. Even if the weather takes a turn, floor-to-ceiling windows on three sides provide an unclouded view of the city at all times.

THE DESIGN: Inspired by the lively hustle and bustle of the nearby market hall, the interior is awash with colour. Gin fans with an eye for detail will be particularly impressed: the wall behind the bar displays the herbs that are used in the production of the regional Wacholder gin. Attached to the pendant lights over the bar are slips of paper giving details of the types of gin available – including information such as origin, alcohol content and, of course, a couple of tips on how best to enjoy it! 

Mon–Sat: 7:00 am–1:00 am

Mon–Sat: 7:00 am–11:00 pm

Mon–Fri: 7:00 am–10:00 am,
Sat–Sun: 7:00 am–11:00 am

MEETINGS & EVENTS: Unfortunately, this Cloud One Bar does not have a meeting space. 


Motel One Rotterdam

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Once you’re in the hotel, it’s hard to believe that we’ve moved into a department store that’s over 100 years old right on Münsterplatz. After all, we didn’t just leave the interior to chance, of course. We designed it according to well-founded design formulas in the spirit of the science city of Ulm: individual, extraordinary and experimental!

HIGHLIGHT: the absolute premium view of the cathedral – you can’t not see it! The sloping roofs are fully glazed and offer a heavenly view of the cathedral and stars come nighttime!

THE DESIGN: inspired by Ulm’s most famous citizen, Albert Einstein. Everything here is well-calculated and scientifically thought out: physical drawings and calculations decorate the walls, replica planets and celestial bodies float around the space... This is a great place to toast to big and small flashes of inspiration! 


Mon - Fri:  06:00 am - 01:00 pm
                05:00 pm - 01:00 am
Sat:          07:00 am - 02:00 pm
                05:00 pm - 01:00 am
Sun:         07:00 am - 02:00 pm
                06:00 pm - midnight   

Note: The opening hours of the bar terrace may vary during the summer season.

Two meeting rooms for 6-12 people are available:
Meeting room 1: round table | max 6 people | click share TV
Meeting room 2: long table | max 12 people | projector, screen
In both rooms, there are pin boards, a flipchart and a facilitator’s case.

Prices:  Meeting room 1: EUR 300.00 for a full day | EUR 150.00 for half a day
             Meeting room 2: EUR 400.00 for a full day | EUR 200.00 for half a day
We offer a flat rate for stationery and refreshments, events can be booked for various purposes. For enquiries, contact:


Motel One Ulm

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The tower structure of our Motel One Berlin-Upper West is impressive from below – and probably one of the most photographed Motel One establishments around. But the view from above when you’re sitting in the Rooftop One Bar on the 10th floor with the German capital spread out in front of you is striking too.

HIGHLIGHT: The stunning view extends from the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church to Bikini Berlin, the zoo and all the way to the TV Tower.

THE DESIGN: is a blockbuster in its own right! Our bar echoes the glitz and glamour of the film city Berlin, but its gold, glass and mirrored surfaces gleam all year round, not just during the Berlinale film festival. Take a seat in one of the directors’ chairs on our roof terrace and discover your own star qualities as you toast the happy ending of a successful day.

Sun–Thu: 6:00 am–1:00 am
Fri–Sat: 6:00 am–2:00 am

MEETINGS & EVENTS: Workbench (note: not a separate, self-contained room) for up to 16 people, with audiovisual technology. Available on request. 
Private events can be held inside on request. 
For enquiries, contact:

Motel One Berlin-Upper West

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Munich thrives on a combination of tradition and high-tech, particularly here in Parkstadt Schwabing. Here, international tech giants such as IBM, Microsoft and Fujitsu sit cheek by jowl with Bavarian landmarks such as the Englischer Garten, located just minutes away. Our Motel One reflects this mix of ‘pixels & pretzels’ – although, instead of heading out to a beer garden, we recommend taking the lift to the 12th floor.

HIGHLIGHT: Those of a ‘self-made’ entrepreneurial mindset may enjoy mixing their own cocktails at the eye-catching, solid quartz counter in the centre of our Cloud One Bar. Or, of course, you could make the most of the Bavarian hospitality on offer and watch the professionals at work.

THE DESIGN: The design of this Rooftop One Bar plays with the different meanings of the word ‘cloud’, referencing the idea of cloud computing while giving you cloud-level views over Munich. So the walls feature animated binary code, and you can enjoy a 360-degree view across the city – right out to the mountains – from your comfortable lounge chair, inside or on the outdoor terrace.

Mon–Sun: 6:00 pm–1:00 am

MEETINGS & EVENTS: Bookable as an exclusive conference location between 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Breakfast: available on request.
For enquiries, contact: 


Motel One München-Parkstadt Schwabing

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High above the roofs of Leipzig, we’ve put our stamp on a very special bar and we’re pretty sure you won’t have seen anything like it before. Located on the 8th floor of a listed building that formerly served as the main post office, our Rooftop One Bar offers a fantastic view of the city skyline. 

HIGHLIGHT: Amateur mixologists are welcome to try their hand at our ‘mix it yourself’ bar. We’re also happy to mix it for you if you prefer.

THE DESIGN: First-class inspiration: airmail-design wallpaper, parcel-style side tables and carpets featuring stamp motifs creatively bring the history of the building to life. 
A relaxing place to be, both inside and out! Mild summer evenings invite you to lounge on our cosy outdoor terrace. 

Mon–Sun: 11:00 am – 2:00 am

For enquiries, contact:

MEETINGS & EVENTS: Unfortunately, this Cloud One Bar does not have a meeting space. There is a boardroom on the 7th floor which can be used for meetings of up to eight people. It can be hired daily from 12 noon.

Motel One Leipzig-Post

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It doesn’t get much more ‘Berlin’ than this! At the heart of the city, the Motel One is just a stone’s throw from the TV Tower and offers the ideal base for ticking off the sights. Although, with so many good things right here – including our bar on the 18th floor – you might not feel like going anywhere!

HIGHLIGHT: The 18th floor is the height of style!

THE DESIGN: is like Berlin itself: diverse, vibrant, urban and a little bit unhinged. The cultural diversity and the contrasts that shape the cosmopolitan city of Berlin are echoed in our bar too. Hip urban artwork is juxtaposed with designer furniture. And the result? ‘WunderBAR’.

Wed–Sa: 6:00 pm–1:00 am

Opening hours depend on the booking situation and may vary on site.
Please check with the hotel for details. 
For enquiries, contact:

MEETINGS & EVENTS: The bar can be booked exclusively for events.


Motel One Berlin-Alexanderplatz

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