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Motel One Rotterdam

Grotekerkplein 70

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"Great staff (all of them), great location, great rooms, amazing hotel design. All was perfect."

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Hotel Rotterdam

Manhattan 2.0

Manhattan’s got a doppelgänger. New York City hipness, right in the heart of Rotterdam. Gigantic steel structures, daring bridge constructions, panoramic views of the Maas – it’s almost as if the Dutch copy-and-pasted the Big Apple. There’s a reason Rotterdam is called ‘Manhattan on the Maas’ or ‘Manhattan 2.0’.  For even more Manhattan, check out Motel One Rotterdam. Enjoy big city vibes in the One Lounge. Cosy velvet armchairs, inviting leather sofas, stylish glass accents – you might as well be on the set of Sex and the City. As always with our tell-tale touch of turquoise. All that’s missing now is a Cosmo or Manhattan at the Panorama Bar. Lean back, enjoy your drink and soak in Rotterdam’s spectacular skyline. Looking to take it easy and unwind tonight? No problem, just stretch out in your big bed and do a little channel surfing on your flat screen TV. An amazing breakfast awaits you in the morning. Who doesn’t love to start their day with a selection of organic breakfast foods and Fair Trade coffee?

Did you know that Motel One Rotterdam is a top-notch city guide – and an affordable one at that? The moment you step out the door, you’ll encounter the most beautiful sites the Dutch metropolis has to offer.  Do you see the glittering market hall there? Just a three-minute walk and you’ll be standing in front of the impressive round arch – probably the biggest horseshoe in Holland. Time for a selfie! We hope you’re hungry. A full belly is the last thing you want when visiting Rotterdam’s Markthal. Once you’ve eaten your fill, it’s off to the Old Port, known locally as Oude Haven. You’ll feel like Jack Sparrow! Rustic pubs whet the appetite for a tumbler of whiskey or rum, while old skipper boats invite you aboard and pretty half-timbered houses whisper anecdotes from times long past. The Maritime Museum has even more exciting stories to tell about Dutch seafaring – just five minutes from your hotel in Rotterdam. Now, fast-forward to the 1970s and check out renowned architect Piet Blom’s kubuswoningen, or cube houses. What are these remarkable cuboid homes like inside? Why not take a tour and find out? On the way back to the hotel, stop by the Erasmus Bridge designed by Ben van Berkel and lovingly referred to as the ‘Swan’ by locals. Snap one last selfie before heading back to your home-away-from-home in Rotterdam.

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