Seven highlights not to miss in Freiburg

Tried & Tested: favourites for your next city trip

Signs everywhere

On a walk through Freiburg, you will certainly notice the signs on the houses. Reason: In the past, the houses here did not have house numbers, but their own "names".  These were either derived from the surname of the occupant (Haus zum Lehmann), the occupations practised there (Haus zur Klause) or actually came from the imagination: The Haus zum Walfisch (the Whale House) has a particularly interesting façade - and history!

How sweet!

If you're in the mood for something sweet in the Black Forest, you can't miss out on the famous Black Forest gateau. You can get it, for example, directly at the Martinstor in the Kolben Kaffee - the oldest stand-up café in Freiburg. In addition to the many homemade cakes and tarts, there is also a large selection of pastries. But also original French baguette! In summer, the awnings in the large outdoor area provide shade - but the indoor area also invites you to linger over a cup or two.



City trip within the city trip

You could be forgiven for thinking you were in an open-air museum when you stroll through charming Colmar: old, lushly planted half-timbered houses, small canals...
You only need about 1.5 hours for this little detour across the French border - the perfect day trip!
If you want, you can rent a Motel One bike on site and cycle to Colmar. More comfortable choose the public connection (from the main station with the S1 to Breisach and then the Euregiobus or take the car (approx. 1 hour).
Tip 1: In spring or autumn, Colmar is less crowded and you can explore the alleys in peace.
Tip: If you like French specialities such as macarons, the Patisserie Gilg in Colmar is the place to go.

Good Stuff

The nearby Gerber- and Fischerau, also called "little Venice", invite you to stroll. Here, small shops, galleries, restaurants and cafés line the canals of the Dreisam.
In the small concept store "Lust auf Gut" (engl.: "in the mood for something good") you can find everything your heart desires. From clothes to rum and wine to unusual decorative items and beautiful tableware. No one leaves here empty-handed.

To the market

The Münstermarkt is located right next to Freiburg Cathedral. There is a strict division here: on the north side is the farmers' market, on the south side the traders' side. In the middle there is a large selection of fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers. If you get hungry from shopping, you can also get food here directly from the small stalls and food trucks and dine in front of an exquisit backdrop with the Gothic-style Münster and the historic department store.

Definitely try it: For a sweet dessert without a guilty conscience, FrohNat, which is specialised in vegan raw food cakes.
Fun Fact: Every weekday at 11 a.m., the spaetzle bell rings which reminded the women of yesteryear to cook.

Opening times:  Mo-Sa mornings, except holidays

Up, up, up

If you want to get an overview of Freiburg, take the path through the city garden up to the Schlossberg tower. For those who are lazy about walking: this is also where the Schlossberg cable car is located, which takes you up the first part of the way. A short but steep hike or train ride later, you find yourself on the Schlossberg and another 251 steps further up said tower. Always open and free of charge, it offers visitors to Freiburg a great view of the city and its surroundings.


Strictly speaking, Konviktstraße or Konvikt Street is more cosy alley than busy street and definitely worth a visit with the lovingly restored old houses that line it. 
Of course, one of Freiburg's famous Bächle also runs along here. The alley is perfect for browsing because flats are prohibited on the ground floors and so boutiques, shops, cafés or other services are lined up next to each other.