Each different, each unique: our Motel One bars offer something for everyone.


You like: Quaint and cosy

Then your best bet is: The bar at the Motel One Freiburg recalls a secluded Black Forest pub – complete with cuckoo clocks, Bollenhut stools, rocking chairs and a fireplace. Oh, and it also has a special selection of wines – and we’re not just talking about the glowing bottles that decorate the rear wall!

Or you might prefer: The bar at the Motel One Salzburg-Süd, where a stylised Alpine silhouette behind the carved counter lends a cabin-like atmosphere. This is peak cosiness! 


You like: Subtle design with classical flair

Then your best bet is: The Motel One Prague, where you can relax beneath Swarovski chandeliers, surrounded by decorations made of Bohemian crystal and black-and-white photos of the city. Handmade marionettes will keep you company while you sample the bar’s assortment of drinks, which also includes a selection of Czech gins.

Or you might prefer: The old-town charm of the Motel One Vienna-Staatsoper. Inspired by its eponymous neighbour, the listed building features moulding and mirrored surfaces that will make you feel as if you’re at the ballet. You might even find yourself dancing through the halls once you’ve tasted the ‘Wien Gin’ (Vienna gin).


You like: Rooftop bars and DIY style

Then your best bet is: In the Motel One Munich-Parkstadt Schwabing, our Cloud One bar not only offers you the chance to enjoy an unbeatable panoramic view of the Munich skyline – our bartenders will also help you to create and mix your very own dream drinks! 

Or you might prefer: Set the bar high with our exclusive drinking establishment in the Motel One Leipzig-Post, a former post office. Get there post-haste! 


You like: Raw but sincere pub charm. And sheep!

Then your best bet is: In the Motel One Edinburgh-Royal, you can count sheep while at the bar. And while you sip a Scottish whisky or tea, you can watch the hustle and bustle of Cockburn Street in Edinburgh’s old town.

Or you might prefer: Our bar in the Motel One Glasgow. Right next to Glasgow Central, our rustic-romantic railway-inspired design will make you want to hop on a train and travel through the Scottish Highlands. Just check in and step aboard!


You like: Tasty and tasteful

Then your best bet is: The Motel One Zurich lets you dive into a Swiss chocolate wonderland: from chocolate and caramel-coloured armchairs and couches to the golden chocolate paper above the bar. Who could resist such sweet temptation? Well, you won’t have to: our bar also offers its own praline menu.

Or you might prefer: The Motel One Warsaw-Chopin. Our bar in the Polish capital might not have chocolate, but it does have a huge selection of vodkas. Inspired by Frédéric Chopin, the golden musical notes and black piano lacquer details make the bar a treat for the eyes!

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