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Motel One Ulm

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"Alles prima "

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Hotel Ulm

In the footsteps of Albert Einstein in your affordable hotel in Ulm

If Albert Einstein were still around, he would surely feel right at home in our Motel One Ulm. Comfy velvet armchairs in iconic Motel One turquoise would invite him to sit by the fire and ponder, brainstorm and speculate to his heart’s content. He could philosophise passionately about the laws of nature in the spacious One lobby or in the conference room. And over a freshly mixed drink at the panorama bar with a view of Ulm Minster, the genius could even reread his own notes – the walls are covered in his scribbles. So what was that again about the equivalence of mass and energy? Oh, right, E = mc2.
Time for a little break? In the spacious rooms of the design hotel or on the stylish roof terrace with Ulm Minster in the background, Ulm’s most famous resident could give his little grey cells a well-deserved rest. And when that scientific curiosity struck again, he could simply connect to our free WiFi and read up on the latest research on the theory of relativity. After all, a genius never stops learning.
Even our hearty breakfast is all about the laws of nature. Take a look at the colourfully decorated walls and ceiling and lose yourself in the dance of molecules.

Do you want to experience the hometown of Albert Einstein up close and personal? Then Motel One Ulm is the place to be. The design hotel is conveniently located in the city centre, so you can comfortably explore the most famous sights on foot or by bicycle, just as Albert Einstein himself did 100 years ago.
Meanwhile, Ulm Minster lies right outside your front door. This beautiful giant is topped with the highest church tower in the world – 162 metres. It dwarfs the characteristic 17th-century ‘Grabenhäusle’ houses, some of which are so low that they’re almost at eye level as you walk by.
And then you meet Albert Einstein himself! In the middle of the historic arsenal grounds, the lively physicist sticks his tongue out at you unabashedly – from an atomic missile, of course. After all, what would the Einstein Fountain be without a touch of physics?
Stomach rumbling? Why not try Einstein’s favourite food? The father of E = mc2 couldn’t get enough of ‘Schupfnudeln’, or finger-shaped potato dumplings. It's a good thing this Swabian classic is also available very close to your hotel in Ulm – served traditionally with sauerkraut, of course. Einstein wishes you ‘En Guada!’ (bon appetit) in polished Swabian.  

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