How to vegan

The colourful facets of the plant way of life

Tempting and versatile: simply vegan. Veganism is still on trend – and not just for the sake of animals, but for the planet, too. Join us on a journey through the world of veganism: discover different vegan lifestyles, delicious vegan breakfasts (straight from the Motel One buffet) and the vegan hotspots of Europe. So, may we have your attention, please: fasten your seatbelts and let us take you on an exhilarating journey of discovery!  

Veganism in all shapes and sizes

Vegan variations:

There are lots of different ways of being vegan. In principle, vegans eat purely plant-based food – which means no meat or fish, no dairy products or eggs, etc. Read on for a few different examples of the vegan lifestyle:  

Those on the vegan raw food diet are limited to – as the name suggests – raw foods that are not heated. The idea is that this diet preserves the heat-sensitive vitamins, trace elements and minerals in foodstuffs. There is however one exception: you can heat raw food up to 42 degrees.  

Those on the organic vegan diet eat only fully organic products. The focus here is on the quality and origin of the food. When following this diet, it is important to make sure that the organic products do not come from sources that are also involved in the meat and/or dairy industry, and that no animal fertilisers have been used during production.   

The fruitarian diet is an extreme form of veganism. Fruitarians want to help nature by harming neither animals nor plants. This means that they only eat plant products that do not damage the plant they come from. These include fruit, nuts and seeds, as well as tomatoes, squash, peppers, etc.  

Junk food vegans follow a vegan diet but mainly eat highly processed industrial products. These include ready-made products, processed fish and meat alternatives, vegan snacks and much more. Junk food vegans follow a vegan lifestyle primarily for ethical reasons and have an unbalanced diet. 

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Vegan @ Motel One

Motel One offers a wide range of vegan options for breakfast – you’re bound to find something to enjoy. For inspiration, we prepared a few different breakfast combos: why don’t you give them a try?*

Heartily delicious

Do you like your breakfasts hearty and vegan? No problem! Simply spread papaya and mango spread from the north German organic label Zwergenwiese on a rustic organic roll. Top with our vegan Gouda alternative and paprika sausage alternative, and finish off with organic tomatoes and cucumbers. Your perfect morning sandwich is ready to enjoy. Wash it down with a glass of vitamin-rich orange juice and a delicious coffee with oat milk. 

Very british – Porridge

Porridge may look like a big bowl of mush to start off with, but just a few tricks transforms it into a scrumptious breakfast favourite. For example, you can mix it with melon or kiwi from the fruit section of our buffet. Add a few nuts to make it nice and healthy and a spoonful of jam or a pinch of cinnamon to satisfy your sweet tooth. Feeling peckish yet?  

Satisfy your sweet tooth

Got to have something sweet for breakfast? Then we have not one but two sweet suggestions for you: the bionella vegan nut nougat spread on our organic bread tastes best with finely sliced banana. Make your breakfast nice and crunchy with a few cornflake sprinkles. Of course, we also offer vegan fruit spreads in different flavours. Combined with our wholemeal bread, it’s an absolute classic.  

Kaliméra – so beautifully Greek

The heart of this variation is the creamy vegan feta. Whether in whole pieces or crumbled on organic whole grain bread, this cheese alternative always tastes delicious. Add some vegan Mediterranean spread and a few slices of organic cucumber and tomato, and you have quickly conjured up the perfect meal. If you like your breakfast to have a bit of a kick, add a good grind of pepper. 

Morning Magic Bowl

Start your day the fruity way with our morning magic bowl. Combine Natur organic soy yoghurt with pineapple, grapes, dried fruit, crunchy nuts and Urkorn muesli. Of course, you can also add other fruit of your choice. Top with cornflakes for that all-important crunch. 



*The full vegan range can be found in our hotels in Germany and Austria. Our international locations also offer vegan options, but the range may vary as we also endeavour to ensure that our products are regionally sourced.

Vegan wanderlust – Europe’s vegan hot spots

Are you a vegan on tour? You’ll be in good hands in these three cities: 

London thrives on its multiculturalism. Here you can find street food, food festivals and more on every street corner. And vegans can get their money’s worth, too. According to the website HappyCow, London is the most vegan-friendly city in the world. The city boasts 200 all-vegan restaurants and over 400 establishments with vegan options. From Soho to Covent Garden to Notting Hill, no matter where you are in London, there will always be a delicious vegan meal for you to tuck into. There are currently 600,000 vegans in the UK. Here, veganism is no longer just a fad: it’s slowly but surely becoming mainstream.  

There’s no way we could miss Berlin on this list. Attention, vegan superlatives coming up! Europe’s first vegan supermarket chain is based in Berlin: Jan Bredack founded Veganz in 2011. The city is also home to the largest vegan summer festival in Europe: market stalls with vegan clothes, accessories and delectable food as far as the eye can see. By the way, according to HappyCow, there are 100 vegan restaurants within a 10-kilometre radius of Berlin’s city centre – making the German capital the second most vegan-friendly city in the world. It’s even got vegan fashion too, such as in its three Loveco stores. And if you don’t want to miss out on your döner kebab, have a taste of the Vöner – it’s 100% vegan, we promise. 

Amsterdam is ranked 8th among the most vegan-friendly cities in the world according to HappyCow, recording enormous growth of 78% in the last three years. More and more vegan restaurants are being established, and there are now even vegan versions of Amsterdam classics like stroopwafels and cheese. Supermarkets like Jumbo and Albert Heijn also offer a growing choice of plant-based substitutes. Looking for some food on the go? Then the Maoz Vegetarian falafel is the perfect choice for you! 

Matching hotels? We have them!

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We are constantly expanding our range of vegan products – and not just at the breakfast buffet: our range of bar snacks also include vegan potato crisps, chocolate and toast. 

And it’s not just our food that’s vegan-friendly:  
- Soap and hair & bodywash in the rooms 
- Hand soap in the public areas   
- Bed linen and towels in the rooms 
... all vegan!