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Urbanity amongst the forests and vineyards

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To pass as a local, try pronouncing “Stuttgart” as “Schduagerd”! If you’re staying in the city, you’re sure to hear a bit of the charming local “Swabian” dialect: but not to worry, you’ll be welcomed to our Design Hotel in the usual fluent manner! We do however revel in the theme, and the chic design of our three Stuttgart locations all make the most of the region’s characteristic idiosyncrasies. Snug box spring beds, a balanced breakfast buffet and free WiFi are of course all present as usual,

but the Swabian capital has much more to offer, and has an image as a city positively nestled in woods and vines. Not just more poetic than “Schduagerd”, it’s also an accurate reflection of the place: Stuttgart is located amongst expansive forests and flourishing vine-bedecked slopes, and its wealth of parks makes it one of Europe’s greenest metropolises. The “green U”, an uninterrupted verdant swathe of parks, stretches 8 km from the Schlossgarten to the Killesberg.

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Budget Design Hotels in Stuttgart – your Motel One

If you’re looking for oases of tranquillity, you’ll find what you need close by our Design Hotel. But on the other hand, if you prefer a packed agenda, Stuttgart is just as much the place to be. The city prides itself on the regular international sport events it hosts, and on a lively cultural and artistic scene that caters to all tastes.

As well as all these events, visitors are spoilt for choice with all the sights and museums such as

  • the zoo and botanical gardens at Garten Wilhelma
  • the Stuttgart Art Museum
  • the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart
  • the Porsche Museum and
  • the Mercedes-Benz Museum.

You’ll quickly notice that Stuttgart is in many ways a shrine to the automobile: it’s a perfect pilgrimage destination for anyone interested in the history of and technology. In the workshop at the Porsche Museum, for example, you can see first hand how classic models are restored and prepared for a return to the track. 


But our affordable Stuttgart hotel is also a great base for fans of past and present architectural showpieces: the Mercedes-Benz Museum and the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart are worth a visit on the strength of their striking appearance alone. Our Design Hotels, too, take stylistic cues from automotive technology. 

Last but by no means least, Stuttgart is pure shopping heaven. Check out the lively pedestrianised Königsstraße that stretches nearly a kilometre from the central station past Schlossplatz to the Wilhelmsbau, or the ornate Calwer Passage with its genteel restaurants and cafés. If you’re still hungry for more, we’d recommend the chic, central Dorotheen-Quartier area, or the Milaneo shopping centre which has more than 200 outlets. This largest shopping mall in the state of Baden-Württemberg has something for everyone, so you're sure to come back bedecked with bursting bags to our – fortunately! – affordable hotel.

Our Design Hotels in Stuttgart make a great base for keen shoppers, as they do for culture vultures, petrol heads and anyone who’s just here to sample the atmosphere of this green and pleasant city.

So make your reservation and find out what you’ll like best about “Schduagerd”.

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