Sustainability in the supply chain

At the Motel One Group, we make it our business to make the hotel world a better place for the future. We are aware of our responsibilities and the role that companies in the hotel industry play in respecting human rights and protecting the environment as part of their business activity. With our actions, we aim to strengthen human and environmental rights and prevent and/or eliminate violations. 

It is therefore a matter of course for us that we always observe all the applicable laws and guidelines. The Motel One Group expects its business partners to do the same.  

Protecting human rights and the environment along the supply chain is a particularly high priority. The Motel One Group has therefore implemented appropriate due diligence processes. The human rights strategy policy statement provides details of how the Motel One Group meets its due diligence obligations in accordance with the German Supply Chain Act (‘LkSG’ ).  

An essential part of this strategy is a complaints procedure that is intended to facilitate open communication with any parties potentially affected by the economic activity of the Motel One Group and its supply chain. We welcome questions, concerns and information that enable us to avert violations of human rights and environmental obligations in a timely manner and avoid risks. 

The procedure acts as an early warning system. It is intended to prevent actual violations by providing early warnings. The procedure as a whole also enables remedial action to be taken as effectively as possible. Finally, it provides the Motel One Group with valuable information for the development of risk management and risk analysis, as well as for monitoring the effectiveness of preventive and remedial actions. 

The following explanatory notes aim to provide clear, concise information about the Motel One Group complaints procedure.  


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The complaints procedure in detail

How do I submit a complaint?

Motel One provides a digital reporting channel (reporting platform). This reporting channel can be accessed in various languages at any time under
Complaints can also be submitted anonymously. It is possible to communicate with the Whistleblower via the online tool provided even if the tip-off is anonymous. 
Complaints will be treated confidentially in accordance with the applicable legislation and regulations. 
The complaints procedure is free of charge for Whistleblowers. 

How does the complaints procedure work?

a. Complaints and acknowledgement of receipt 

After a complaint has been submitted, it is immediately forwarded to the Compliance Department. You will receive acknowledgement of receipt. In addition, we will notify you of the next steps, the timing of the procedure and your rights regarding protection from being disadvantaged or punished.  

b. Plausibility check 

After the complaint has been received, the Compliance Department will carefully check whether it is plausible. As the Whistleblower, you will be contacted to enable us to better understand the situation.  

If your complaint is not plausible, you will be promptly notified and given a brief explanation. The complaints procedure is then deemed to have been completed. 

Where required, we will take immediate action to minimise or stop (imminent) breaches and violations. 

c. Clarifying the situation 

Plausible complaints are thoroughly investigated by the Compliance Department, taking account of the applicable statutory regulations. Where required for appropriate handling, relevant departments or external experts may be involved while respecting the principle of confidentiality. The Compliance Department will appropriately involve the Whistleblower in clarifying the situation. If no preventive or remedial actions are required after the situation has been clarified, the complaints procedure will be closed. 

d. Preventive and remedial actions 

If the complaints procedure results in appropriate preventive or remedial actions, the Motel One Group will plan and implement these or address their implementation with the person responsible for the violation and support them with this. As the Whistleblower, you will be appropriately involved in developing a solution throughout the complaints procedure. 

e. Completion of the complaints procedure and evaluation 

The Compliance Department will notify you of the outcome of the complaints procedure. The Whistleblower can evaluate the complaints procedure. 

The complaints procedure is closed, provided the reported risk has been adequately minimised or the reported breach has been adequately prevented or stopped or its magnitude has been minimised. It can also be classified as completed provided a specific cessation and minimisation schedule has been agreed with the person responsible for the violation and its implementation has begun. Finally, it is deemed to have been completed when the business relationship has been terminated by the Motel One Group, thereby leaving no more scope for intervention.  

f. Option of additional contact, particularly with regard to retaliation 

Please contact us at any time, even after the complaints procedure has been completed, if you fear retaliation. 

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