Rooms with a View

Panoramic views whose beauty exceeds that of any postcard

For train spotters

The Scottish city’s 150-year-old Central Station is not only an innovative building with an upper level and underground through-station but also a beautiful example of Victorian architecture. Many consider it to be one of the most beautiful railway stations in Europe.

Motel One Glasgow
Room 0234, 2nd floor
Price: from £69

For urban botanists

Paris is the most densely populated metropolis in Europe, which is why a hotel room with a view of greenery is a rare treat. So this one overlooking the wonderful Bois de Vincennes city park – if we may say so ourselves – is somewhat of a Sensation.

Motel One Paris-Porte Dorée
Room 502, 5th floor
Price: from € 79

For architecture lovers

This room is like a front-row seat in an architecture museum: here you can look down over the medieval market square and Lübeck’s Town Hall, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Sit back and soak in the views!

Motel One Lubeck
Room 422, 4th floor
Price: from € 69

For al fresco fans

The view from our deckchair is just spectacular: Catalonia’s Palace of Justice and in the background the Tibidabo mountain, rising high above Barcelona.

Motel One Barcelona-Ciutadella
Room 706, 7th floor
Price: from € 99

For fun seekers

A room with a view of the Vienna Prater park with ist world-famous giant Ferris wheel. Because life is a big funfair.

Motel One Vienna-Prater
Room 538, 5th floor
Price: from € 89

For charismatics

Right in the heart of Manchester, to the left you have the Royal Exchange Theatre, an elegant Victorian building dating back to the 1820s and now the heart of the city. The modernist utilitarian building behind it is a real contrast: the popular English department store Marks & Spencer, where it’s less about fine arts and more about the finer things in life. The brown leather Freifrau armchair offers a view of the past and present of a metropolis that has much more to offer than just two football clubs – even if they are legends in their own rights!

Motel One Manchester-Royal Exchange
Room 612, 6th floor
Price: from £ 69

For connoisseurs of the the moment

Right in the heart of the city and complete with its own rooftop terrace where two loungers await you. Yes, you heard correctly: a rooftop terrace in the city centre of Zurich! And in the background you can see Zurich’s very own Uetliberg mountain with ist observation and TV tower.

Motel One Zurich
Room 428, 4th floor
Price: from CHF 189,-

For cathedral lovers

From the cosy box-spring bed, the panoramic window opens up a phenomenal view of the 116-metre-high tower of Freiburg cathedral, the famous Minster. Scholars from all over the world come to Freiburg to marvel at this Gothic masterpiece. But we’re sure none of those luminaries have a box seat as good as yours.

Motel One Freiburg
Room 904, 9th floor
Price: from € 69

For discoverer

In the centre of your panoramic view you can see the famous onion-shaped domed roofs of Munich’s Frauenkirche (Cathedral Church of Our Lady). To the right is the neo-Gothic town hall, on whose balcony the FC Bayern München celebrates its championship victories. And to the left of the Frauenkirche is the “Alte Peter ”, the 91-metre-high tower of the Peterskirche (Church of St Peter). Assuming you can manage the 300 steps to the very top, you’ll be rewarded with Munich’s most beautiful lookout – besides the view from your room of course. 

Motel One Munich-Deutsches Museum
Room 909, 9th floor
Price: from 79,– €

For Bridge Builders

St Nicholas Cathedral and many traditional brick buildings of the city, which today house museums, theatres and restaurants. The Sage Gateshead Hall concert venue with its futuristic exterior and the imposing Tyne Bridge, which, especially when lit up at night, is reminiscent of its “sister”, the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Motel One Newcastle
Room 507, 5th floor
Price: from £ 69

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