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Motel One Leipzig-Post

Grimmaischer Steinweg 1

04103 Leipzig


"Klasse 👍🏻 "



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Let's go postal!

Golden post horns, letterboxes and an air-maily lounge are all part and parcel of the design package in our Motel One Leipzig-Post.

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Art with heart

Leipzig-based Paule Hammer is practically a professional dreamcatcher: using a combination of text and images, he conjures up his dreams on canvas. For the Motel One Leipzig-Post, he designed an oversized stamp that takes guests on a journey across the world through 80 dreams. You can find more information in our interview and flyer.

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Delievering you the whole package

Our hotel in Leipzig is unique in two ways: first, it is situated directly on Augustusplatz, close to the Leipzig Opera, St. Nicholas Church and the Gewandhaus. The Grassi Museum of Applied Arts and Mendelssohn House are also nearby. But the top location of our design hotel is far from the only thing you can look forward to. Have you spent the night in a post office before? We didn’t think so! Now you’ll have the chance to do just that, since our Motel One Leipzig-Post has breathed new life into the listed building of the former main post office in Leipzig. Built in 1964, it served as the centre for telegraphy and letter and package delivery for many years. Even before then, beginning in the 18th century, the grounds were home to the station for stagecoaches and post riders and later the Reichspost.

So we arrived at the decision for the design concept of our hotel in Leipzig post-haste: what better way to honour this tradition than by bringing it into the interior? You are greeted at reception by golden post horns and an original letterbox installation, while ceiling lights from Ingo Maurer and Gubi are reminiscent of telegram slips and post fanfare bugles – romantic highlights in the age of email and social media. From bedside tables that look like parcels to postcard collages all the way to the postage stamp-patterned carpet – there are countless details to discover in our affordable hotel in Leipzig. And of course, you will still enjoy the same comfort you expect from Motel One: an organic breakfast buffet, high-quality box-spring beds and an elegant bar with selected drinks are all part and parcel of an overnight stay with us! 

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