A heavenly atmosphere

...in Motel One Cologne-Neumarkt

Cologne natives are proud – of their very own style of beer, their Carnival festivities and especially of their cathedral. As they should be – the imposing structure is a UNESCO World Heritage site, after all. It is one the largest Gothic buildings in the world. A symbol of the city’s identity. 

And neighbour to our Motel One Cologne-Neumarkt. Inspired by the monumental giant, we’ve created our own cathedral experience. It might be less sacred and tranquil than the original, but it makes up for it in vibrancy and colour – and that je ne sais quoi.

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Good things come to those who wait...

A lot of patience was required to build the cathedral; it took an entire 632 years for the building to be finally completed in 1880. Luckily, we needed less time to finish our Motel One by Cologne’s Neumarkt square, where the lighting and design have been influenced by the cathedral itself. The Cologne-based artist Heike Simmer also interpreted the city emblem in her own special way on our behalf. Canopied by Alchimia lamps that resemble pointed church spires, her large-scale works welcome you at the reception. 

Hidden messages – Heike Simmer reflects on her work

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Everything's illuminated

Another thing that’s hard to miss in our lounge and bar: room dividers with glass mosaics that look like artful church windows. Their tiled aesthetic is also reflected in the Miinu carpets, and colourful glass lamps by Rothschild  und Bickers supplement the interplay of hues that changes depending on how the light falls. Meanwhile, the Fat armchair by B&B Italia and sofas by Maxalto and Rolf Benz represent a more subtle, laid-back ambience: between calm sandstone, amid brown, blue and grey shadows, here you can enjoy heavenly relaxation. And the bold turquoise splash of colour: our egg chair, which is just as cosy as it is eye-catching.

More heavenly design

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Patio paradise

Just like the light and shadows in a church nave, the dance between light and dark also offers a dynamic quality to our interior. The dark walls and furniture allow the lighter tones in Heike Simmer’s pictures to really shine. They bring the captivating interpretation of the busy cathedral to the interior – and even into your room. Take a closer look: notice details such as a small dog, or a gargoyle? You’ve got eyes like a hawk!
Not just light and dark, but also colourful and subtle mingle in this Motel One, just as materials such as glass, brass and velvet coalesce with natural elements; hanging baskets and shelves decorated by an abundance of plants allow the indoor area to blend in with the courtyard of our Motel One. A little Garden of Eden in the middle of the city centre!

A home in Cologne. Book a room at the Motel One Cologne-Neumarkt

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