A round of applause!

Our first hotel in Bonn will be music to your ears, and not just because it’s located right next to the Bonn opera house. In the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven, our design hotel incorporates music into its look. Here, the brilliant composer and namesake of our Motel One Bonn-Beethoven will accompany you from breakfast through to post-work drinks. 

His lively character and innovative works influence every corner of the building’s interior. From the chandelier to the wing chair, classicism is interpreted here with a hint of modernity. Just as Beethoven’s most well-known piece, Symphony No. 9, set new standards in the musical world, we’ve sought to do this genius justice by creating new standards in terms of hotel design.

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Swish, swish, swish. You can almost hear the flicking of the conductor’s baton as our design symphony begins at the reception desk. Dividing the room, your prelude is an oversized music stand that towers right up to the roof and features songbooks, sheet music and illustrated books. The ‘Götterfunken’ quote, which means ‘sparks of divinity’, comes from Friedrich Schiller’s poem ‘Ode to Joy’. It was set to music by Beethoven in his Symphony No. 9 and became a European anthem; it will hopefully spring to mind as you walk under the sparkling Cannonball pendant lamp by DelightFULL.

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Exceptional talent

Featuring black varnish and finished with five inlaid metal bars representing an abstract stave, the reception and bar area glitters like a grand piano. A space of 11 x 4 metres on the back wall is reserved for the artist Gudrun Barenbrock. She animates Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 with painted wall panels of abstract motifs and a portrait of the composer – and there’s also an encore in your room:

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A little light music

In the evenings, Barenbrock’s works are taken up a notch when the impressive space is embellished with a 45-minute film collage projection, which brings Beethoven’s piece to life through textual elements and images. Let this impressive presentation work its magic on you alone or complement it by listening to Beethoven’s 9th via the installed sound stations, while you sink into the cosy armchairs by Wittmann and Moroso. With a gin and tonic in hand, you’ll soon be singing your own ode to joy! 

Some more Bonn-bastic design pieces

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In the top tier

The building’s special architecture reaches its peak with the rounded structure of the lounge area, which gives the feeling that you’re in a small concert hall, including a prominent audience that looks out at you from a Markus Köninger wallpaper as you eat breakfast. Can you spot former German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer in the image? After all, Bonn was once Germany’s capital.
But there is plenty more to discover – such as the golden Conversation armchair by Maison Darré, which is reminiscent of a concert-goer’s silhouette or a notehead. You may have also noticed that the tables are printed with the title pages of old musical scores from all nine of Beethoven’s symphonies. The trumpet-inspired Botti suspension lights by DelightFULL set the tone for the morning, while the Neverending Glory chandeliers by Lasvit create a sense of fine dining in an elegant old parlour.

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Final act

Beethoven was a perfectionist. You don’t necessarily need to be one when sitting at our workbench. However, you can definitely let yourself feel inspired by Ingo Maurer’s Flying Flames LED lights, which are reminiscent of floating candle sticks, and by the images of musical notes, which can be seen on the walls and consist of original handwriting from Beethoven’s chamber music pieces. And let’s not forget the Beethoven music channels, which you can listen to via the audio connection points in the workbench.

See you soon in Bonn!

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