Laptop and Lederhosen Motel One Munich-Parkstadt Schwabing

Servus and welcome to Bavaria's Silicon Valley, Parkstadt-Schwabing in Munich! Here the 'Laptop and Lederhosen' motto, coined by former Minister President of Bavaria Edmund Stoiber, sums up Munich's attitude towards life perfectly.

Where else in the world can you find international high-tech companies like IBM, Microsoft, Fujitsu, Siemens Nixdorf and many others only minutes away from typical Munich landmarks like the English Garden. Following this mindest, our Motel One Munich-Parkstadt Schwabing is technically inspired and traditional at the same time.

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Technology and Tradition

Bavaria is known for its traditions and idiosyncrasies. See our modern take on them in our One Lounge Concept. Materials like deerskin, wood and shell limestone - combined with modern design - make Motel One Munich-Parkstadt Schwabing the perfect setting for both digital natives and digital immigrants.

You are sure to stumble upon ´Sepp´, who is at home here. The small Bavarian robot, of course dressed in lederhosen, is the special mascot of this Motel One. It almost looks like he's brought his own toys with him as Nintendo games and digital art are part and parcel of the design concept here. The refreshing combination of technology and tradition is very much alive in every corner of our hotel.

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Digital Art

Worth taking a second glance at our One Lounge: The screens, which make the invisible visible. There are three exciting visualisations that represent digital data in an artistic form: tweets that have been posted during the last 24 hours in Munich´s city centre, current aircraft movements above Munich and a sound sphere that visualises the sound levels in our One Lounge.

Besides these technical gimmicks don't miss out on Bavarian comfort: Lean back in our beloved Egg Chair or in the 'Santa Monica SMPL 700' armchairs by Poliform.

More Munich Design Highlights

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The Mountains Within Reach

It's the colours and shapes of the Alps that are so captivating. Green hills, shimmering blue lakes and golden sunrises. And because the mountains are so close to Munich, we´ve brought them right into the hotel - interpreted in a modern fashion with a hint of irony. Replenish your enery in a moss-green ´Stay Lounge Chair´ by Gubi or on one of our ´Spine´ chairs by Fredericia. On our large wooden wall panel, the ´Bello So´ Pendant Lamps by Contardi provide atmospheric lighting and ring in time for a short break.

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Heaven on Earth

In our Cloud One Bar the sky really is the limit. 360-degree panorama views over Munich, all the way to the mountains, are simply breathtaking. Here you can admire the vistas, relax or get some work done. 

Speaking of relaxing (with just a hint of work): Come and mix your own drinks with our barman. Our bar placed strategically in the center of the room, invites you to experiement together. A little like at home, casual, in a relaxing atmosphere. Isn´t that how the best ideas are born? Perhaps the next start-up will be founded here...

Motel One Munich-Parkstadt Schwabing

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