The fascination of printing Motel One Frankfurt-Römer

Located between the Römer city hall and skyscrapers, our Motel One Frankfurt-Römer is part of the well-known Kornmarkt Arkaden with the adjoining Buchgasse. Did you know that book printing with moveable type was invented in Frankfurt 

and made books accessible to the masses for the first time? The fascination of printing inspired us to dedicate our interior to the topic - and there´s a lot waiting to be discovered.

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Arrive and prepare for take-off

Hundreds of flying pages welcome guests to Motel One Frankfurt-Römer, leading the way into a world of books and printing. Floating above the reception counter is the ´Leaves´ light by Cordula Kafka that is made up of approximately 350 wafer-thin porcelain sheets. Just 1 mm thin, the sheets were made by hand at the artist´s Berlin atelier and then fired and polished several times. A total of 700 stainless steel rods, 350 porcelain sheets and 70 LED lights make up Kafka´s latest artwork.

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Leisure hours

Our One Lounge conveys a library vibe and is the perfect spot for quiet contemplation or losing yourself in a good book. You are spoilt for choice with great places made for reading. Take your pick: ´My Beautiful Backside´, ´Smock´ or ´Bohemian´ by Moroso all offer great views of the flying porcelain artwork above the reception counter opposite. Another perfect spot for bookworms is our petrol-coloured ´Chester´ leather sofa under the ´Calypso Antiqua Pendant Lamp´ by Contardi.

Read-markable interior pieces

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Once upon a time, there was a bar...

Some bars are so fascinating that you never want to leave. You might feel the same about this Motel One Bar after reading the quotes by important writers like Mark Twain, Hermann Hesse or Orson Welles - who knew how to influence the outcome of any story: "If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story." So it's basically up to you when you tear yourself away from the golden bar, the ´Double Zero´ bar stools and the ´Orion´ pendant lights by Quasar, which look like they are floating within the space.

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Hendrik Zimmer - observer and artist

The two 4x4-metre artworks´Habitat & Hospital´, filling the corner niche of the bar, represent the current living enviroment and hospitality in general - and allow the visitor become a part of the surrounding art while enjoying his drink. Created with collage and painting techniques, the artworks have also been reproduced as limited-edition prints for all rooms using the highest quality photography. "The torn surfaces of the pictures reveal what lies underneath," says Hendrik Zimmer. "My art is about searching for the identity of the work." Hendrik Zimmer has long since found his inspiration - in the conflicting areas and interaction between things, pictures and people.

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Apropos hospitality: we look forward to welcoming you!

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