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Ahoy there! I’m Max. I’m 26 and I’m from Hamburg. Encouraging others to get up off the couch and take life in their own two hands is my big passion. Always in search of a new challenge, I’ve been taking my camera with me on my adventures for a little while now. I often post content from my trips on YouTube (@skatepunk2425) and Instagram (@maexchen_24). I particularly like getting on my bike – whether I’m headed to far-flung places or closer to home – so I can appreciate the little things and discover great stuff right on my doorstep. So let’s get started with a few of my Hamburg “hidden gems”. By the way, they’re all relatively close to each other and easy to discover on a leisurely little trip around the city – on foot or by bike. Have fun exploring!

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If you’re on two wheels, you can just bike from the Outer Alster Eilenau past the Kuhmühlenteich to Uferstraße. Of course, you can stroll down there, too. Stop for a breather on bridges and beside the canal along the way to check out all the different barges and houseboats. Why not go one better and hire a canoe or SUP so you can discover a different side to the canal? I find this a great place to relax and recharge. While the green space near the Outer Alster still gets pretty busy, it gets quieter the further you go along the Eilbekkanal. The perfect place to chill out.

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The Abaton is a cinema in the Rotherbaum area of the city, right on the corner of Grindelhof/Allende-Platz. It’s been there since 1970. This is the perfect spot for films you won’t find at your usual multiplex – including shorts, documentaries and indie flicks. For me, the iconic cinema is a must-see in itself.

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You can head straight from the new Motel One on Fleetinsel past the jetties through the Alten Elbtunnel on your bike or on foot. On the other side, you’ll find Steinwerder. One thing sets this area apart: there’s not much to see other than industrial buildings. But that’s what makes this place one of my favourites. Right outside the Stage Theatre on the right, you’ll find a stunning view of all of Hamburg – including the Elbphilharmonie concert hall, of course. I often come here on my morning runs – it’s incredible when the sun comes up. But it’s also a wonderful spot to watch the hustle and bustle of the city at night from afar.  Pack a couple of cold drinks to take along with you and have a wonderful night :-)

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You’ll find the Kattwykstraße just a couple of kilometres further south. Right opposite the Altenwerder container terminal, north of Kattwykbrücke, you’ll find the perfect photo opportunity – and a great place to watch container ships loading and unloading from up close. I like to come here on warm summer nights when you can sit down and properly chill out with your friends.


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This little lighthouse has become a real landmark on Wilhelmsburg, an island on the Elbe. You can reach it from the Bunthäuser hiking trail. Barely seven metres tall, this lighthouse was once a guiding light on the Bunthäuser Spitze marking the point where the Elbe shipping channels split into the Northern Elbe and Southern Elbe. It’s a real hidden gem for a bike trip at sunrise, too. Here, you can enjoy the lovely view from the lighthouse – as well as checking out the embankments and discovering a different side of Wilhelmsburg along the way.


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Need to cool off on a hot summer’s day? Then I can warmly recommend the Dove-Elbe to anyone. My absolute fave – after all, eastern Hamburg is a real gem! The river is cleaner here, so it’s a really fun place to take a dip. I usually go there when I’m on a long trip and need to stop off and freshen up. But I’ve had great nights here with friends too – and watched the sun come up in style.

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