Travel Tunes

by Motel One

Let the Music play!

  • Everything is better with music. And to make your stay with us even more enjoyable, we’ve put together the perfect travel soundtrack – from a sunny start to your day to a relaxing nightcap in the evening. Have a listen!

Scan & Listen

  • Focus

    Your grey matter will love this relaxed ambient soundscape for focused, successful work.


    Wandering through Zurich, drinks in Barcelona? You can travel through Europe’s colourful cities any time with these city break tunes in your ear!

  • WAKE UP!

    Like a cup of coffee for the ears: The perfect tunes to wake up to, sing along to in the shower or accompany your breakfast...

  • Work It!

    ‘Limits’ – that’s not in our vocabulary. Your high-energy mix for a round of jogging in the morning, a workout after a business meeting or pre-drinks in the evening before hitting the bars.

  • Chill Out!

    To-do list: sit back, relax. The ideal musical accompaniment for a short leisurely break or winding down after a busy day.