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Walking time: 55 minutes - Route length: 4.4 km - Steps: 5,774 - Difference in altitude: 0m

Art-full Bridges

Venice might well be the official city of canals but Amsterdam is certainly the runner-up. Located two metres below sea level on average, Amsterdam is almost as much a waterway as a city. But that doesn't make it impossible to discover on foot - quite the opposite.
Our walking route makes strategic use of the countless, conveniently located bridges to focus on the city's history and art - rather than the usual "high-lights" that usually await in Amsterdam. 

Just crossing the canals from the Anne Frank House to the 17th-century Royal Palace on Dam Square, you'll pass numerous important monuments, museums and much more before coming to the Oude Kerk: The famous church is the oldest building in the city with its beginnings reaching back to the 1200s.

Please look right and left, up and down as you drift through the network of streets and bridges towards the Rembrandt House Museum, where the famous painter himself once worked and lived: Quirky old Dutch architecture is the order of the day. The art theme continues right up until the end of your journey over the canals of Amsterdam. On the one hand, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the large collection of paintings from the Golden Age of the Netherlands in the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. On the other hand, you can explore the works of Van Gogh in the famous and extremely popular Van Gogh Museum, which is home to the largest collection of his works. The choice is yours -or just do both! 

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