Ready for a getaway as unique as you are? We’ve selected three destinations that might not yet be on every travel bucket list: Warsaw, Newcastle and Mannheim! Each city has its very own charm that is well worth discovering. Here are some tips on how you can explore these matches for yourself in four days – off the beaten track, of course.

Day 1:

Old Town and Sigismund’s Column: start the day with a tour of the historic Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, you’ll also come across Sigismund’s Column, which is considered one of the city’s landmarks.

Royal Castle: the Royal Castle is also in the Old Town. Why not explore the magnificent royal chambers? Tip: the castle gardens are particularly beautiful in summer!

Palace of Culture and Science: the Palace of Culture and Science isn’t just a sight to behold from the outside, it also offers an excellent view of the multifaceted city from high up on its observation deck at an altitude of 114 metres.

Keret House: after a day full of large, imposing buildings, we have something very small for you – to be precise, the world’s skinniest house. Boasting less than 15 m² of living space, it is so narrow that it can hardly be called a real house.


Day 2:

Vistula Boulevard: stroll along the Vistula River for miles. Along with restaurants, sun loungers and bars, the Vistula Boulevard is also home to a few cool clubs.

Poniatówka beach: the city beach near the PGE National Stadium is the perfect spot for whiling away the hours – enjoy the relaxed vibe, sunbathe or head here in the evening for a barbecue.

Count mermaids: The mermaid is a symbol of the city. And she can be found everywhere: as monuments, on sewer covers, gates and apartment buildings. How many can you spot as you explore the city?

Day 3:

Palace on the Isle or Baths Palace: this unique palace is located on an island, surrounded by the largest park in Warsaw. Head here to relax and explore the spacious park.

Chopin monument and concert: Warsaw’s most famous resident is celebrated all over the city. The park is also home to the Chopin monument, and free open-air Chopin concerts are held here every Sunday in summer, too.

Tip: from 4 to 7 July, the Warsaw Summer Jazz Days will take place. If you love jazz, this event in Warsaw is perfect for individualists like you!

Wishing Bell: the Wishing Bell in the Old Town is somewhat less musical, as it does not ring and has never been used. But there’s a legend that it makes wishes come true. All you have to do is put three fingers on the bell and walk around it three times.


Day 4:

Praga: the trendy Praga district is located on the eastern bank of the Vistula. In addition to exciting street art and hidden courtyards, you’ll find plenty of cool bars and restaurants around the former vodka factory in Koneser Centre.

Neon Museum: old neon signs are back in vogue. Since 2005, shining examples from the post-war period have been showcased in the Praga district. The museum is definitely a rarity and holds one of the largest collections of its kind in Europe.

Multimedia Fountain Park: as soon as night falls, a colourful play of light and water unfolds in the fountain park. You can catch the spectacle, which lasts about 30 minutes, every Friday and Saturday.

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Day 1:

Quayside and Tyne Bridge: first port of call, a leisurely walk along the river to get your bearings – the perfect way to kick-start your trip. You will also get a fantastic view of the Tyne Bridge. Did you know that Newcastle is known for its many bridges?

Grainger Market: just a short walk from the hotel, the covered market hall offers craft stalls, boutiques and, of course, food and drink. The whole area – Grainger Town – is the historic heart of the city. There’s plenty to discover here – don’t miss the Central Arcade just around the corner!


Day 2:

Newcastle Castle: of course, Newcastle has a castle that gives it its name. The medieval fortress is an impressive building in itself. An extra tip: events including film nights are often held here. How do you fancy watching ‘Lord of the Rings’ in the castle hall?

Grey Street: strolling along Grey Street and discovering history is a must-do on your Newcastle holiday bucket list. Among other things, you can visit the magnificent Theatre Royal and Grey’s Monument in the city centre.

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art: discover (for free!) works by artists from all over the world across a space spanning 2,600 m2 in this former flour mill. An unbeatable panoramic view of the city and the stylish SIX Rooftop restaurant await you upstairs. Fancy more art? Head to The Biscuit Factory!

Day 3:

Jesmond and Jesmond Dene Park: this upscale district lined with quiet streets and Georgian and Victorian houses boasts decent restaurants, cosy cafés and chic bars. Take a detour through Jesmond Dene Park with its waterfall, old mill and lots of greenery and you could almost think that you are in the middle of the countryside.

Newcastle Mela: the two-day event will take place in August 2024. It centres on Pakistani, Bengali, Indian and other South Asian cultures. Enjoy a varied programme of music, art, jewellery, culinary delights and much more.


Day 4:

St James Park: if you are a football fan, you should definitely spend an afternoon at the stadium. Even if no matches are being played, it’s definitely worth a tour.

Gateshead: this side of the river offers a contrasting neighbourhood steeped in art and culture. It is also the gateway to the countryside, for a short trip to Saltwell Park or a little further out to Gibside.

Wallsend: as the name suggests, this is one end of Hadrian’s Wall. If you’re interested, you can visit the archaeological site of the Roman fortress with museum. You’re immersed in history as soon as you leave the Metro: all signs here are also in Latin.

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Day 1: 

Water Tower: thanks to an ingenious gridiron plan, finding your way around the city’s streets is made as easy as possible here. So, let’s start with the main landmark: the Water Tower. In the evening, you can watch the illuminated water features here – a literal highlight!

Mannheim Baroque Palace: one of the largest Baroque palaces in Europe is located in Mannheim. And the best part: you can study in this impressive building, as it is also home to city’s university.

Ministry of Happiness: did you know that the Ministry of Happiness is located in Mannheim? The independent initiative, which promotes the happiness and well-being of society, offers interactive lectures and hands-on activities on site.

Fernmeldeturm Mannheim: cap the day off with a visit to another tower. It boasts one of the highest revolving restaurants in Germany – and probably the most stunning view of the sunset over the Rhine plain.


Day 2:

Jungbusch: this trendy district is the creative heart of the city. And after strolling through the neighbourhood, how about a pizza or a delicious drink? There’s definitely something for every taste.

Mannheim Harbour: how about a boat tour through one of the largest inland ports in Europe? Alternatively, you can take a stroll through the Handelshafen neighbourhood to experience more exciting corners of the city.

Our tip: in the summer months, attend an open-air event at Hafen49 and dance to electronic music! This club is located in the trendy Jungbusch district and is a must-visit for anyone who loves techno.

Day 3:

Cycling tour on the Neckar River: cycle along the Neckar and through the city to experience Mannheim and explore the ‘Quadratstadt’ (square city) away from the river.

Reissinsel: this relaxing nature reserve is located on a peninsula on a bend of the Rhine. It’s the perfect spot to take it easy while enjoying the natural forest and the spacious meadow.

Neckarspitze at night: the best spot to end the day by the water, enjoying a picnic overlooking the river – with Neckarstadt to the right and BASF to the left for a touch of industrial romance.


Day 4:

Luisenpark: stop by for a cup of tea at the Chinese tea house in Luisenpark or sing along at the Seebühnenzauber concert series on a lake stage.

Café Blau: speaking of singing along, this ‘café’ is considered a cult bar in the UNESCO City of Music. On weekends, indie DJs play indie rock, soul, new wave and occasional concerts are held.

Little Istanbul: discover another side to the city – the district west of Mannheim’s market square is truly multicultural. Let loose, buy kebabs, baklava or wedding dresses… anything is possible!

Quartier Q6 Q7: here, too, you could burn a hole in your wallet. In this modern indoor shopping centre with plenty of spots for a bite to eat, shopping robots make it possible to buy spontaneous souvenirs even once the shops are closed.

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