Smart Packing

More space, less wrinkles!

Ready, set, packed - in 10 steps!

1. First gather together everything you want to pack. Then remove one third of it again - you only use one third of your closet content in everyday life so chances are it's going to be the same when you travel!

2. Pack bulky, big or heavy items first, like shoes or books. Fill your shoes with small items like socks, an umbrella or breakables like perfume. You will gain space and shoes will keep their shape.

3. Pack shoes in canvas bags: not only do they protect other clothes from dirt, they make perfect bags for the beach, shopping or laundry.

4. Keep chargers and jewellery on hand by storing them in handbags.

5. Create an even layer, in which the items hold themselves in place. Fill any gaps with soft items like bikinis, shorts, underwear or scarves.

6. Roll up T-shirts, tops and pullovers - anything that will not wrinkle easily.

7. The middle of your suitcase offers the most protection for fragile items like camers, sunglasses, cosmetics...

8. Longer items like trousers, dresses, should be packed starting from both sides of the suitcase and then folded over each other.

9. Rather than rolling them up, place belts along the corners of the suitcase.

10. Fold anything that’s prone to wrinkles over large sweaters or jackets. This bundling technique also works well with several layers: the outer layers will wrinkle less than the inner ones.

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Have a nice trip!