Painting in black and white

Linz is a city where worlds collide. Dignified stucco rubs shoulders with steely glints of industry; the cutting edge of modernity is juxtaposed with refined traditionalism; passionate cyclists pedalling along the Danube cycle path contrast with graffiti artists at the Mural Harbour. 

This means that getting a handle on the city isn’t an easy task – and depicting it is an almost impossible one. That said, the artist showcased at Motel One Linz-Hauptplatz has managed to walk this delicate tightrope with aplomb.

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  • An average Joe

    ... living the dream. That’s how SKIRL_ describes himself. He has been shaping the image of Vienna for years, exhibiting his work in an array of galleries. His artworks have also been brought to life in Linz’s Tabakfabrik and the Brucknerhaus. The Austrian native spent several years in the street art scene, before deciding it was time to draw the line(s) and wave goodbye to the vibrant colours that are traditionally associated with graffiti art.

  • Monochrome needn’t be monotonous

    SKIRL_ works with a broad range of media, drawing inspiration from shapes he sees during his everyday activities and in the natural world. So what sparked the idea behind the work that decorates Motel One Linz-Hauptplatz? The things that make Linz different, expressed in SKIRL_’s own simple design vocabulary while leaving room for personal interpretation.

  • Room for manoeuvre

    The outcome is five abstract wall objects inspired by the city’s characteristic features. From left to right, they represent Linz’s industrial landscape dotted with chimney stacks, the waves and eddies of the Danube, the three bridges that connect the city, bikes and spokes from the plethora of cycle paths, and finally, the harbour, a hub for street art and graffiti.

  • See the bigger picture

    Alongside the artwork he created for our lobby, SKIRL_ also designed a painting for the bedrooms at Motel One Linz. The painting itself covered more than 111 m2 before it was divided into individual pieces; each bedroom is now finished off with an artwork that genuinely cannot be found anywhere else.

  • Down to a fine art

    His art is just as unique as the bedrooms at this hotel – because wherever we could, we’ve made sure to retain the vintage charm of this listed building on Linz’s Hauptplatz. That means that no two rooms are the same – why not check in and find out for yourself?

  • Cut-Out

    In our Motel One in Linz you will find an art flyer in your room, which tells you even more about the artist in the location. Feel free to take it with you (or download it here), print it, hang it...

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