Lighting in the hands of a master

Interview with Ingo Maurer

Have you noticed the extravagant lights in our One Lounge? We’re proud that our lounge has been perfectly illuminated by none other than internationally renowned designer Ingo Maurer. Classics like Johnny B. Good, XXL Dome and Zettel’z illuminate all areas of our lounge, creating an atmosphere of relaxed wellbeing. The design for the One Lounge was inspired by our namesake, the Deutsches Museum, and its focus on natural history and technology. As the symbol of ideas and the spirit of invention, countless lightbulb holograms light up at different intervals, forming Maurer’s impressive installation behind our reception. Playing with perception, coupled with a healthy dose of humor is what makes Ingo Maurer’s work stand out.

Added to this is his unmistakeable flair for the perfect staging of light. The 360 degree rotatable ‘Looksoflat’ is a fine example of his work with light. Only when you look closer, do you see that the light is actually only two centimeters wide, but creates a perfect work light on the desk. In our space-age bar, which plays homage to the 1960s drive to explore space, the glossy black ceiling reflects Ingo Maurer’s especially created ‘XXL Dome’ in black and gold, letting you look up towards this faux moon. And have you discovered the special little surprise while waiting for the lift. A special piece that’s like a cheeky ‘wink’ to Ingo Maurer’s humorous view of life. Take a closer look at the Oskar von Miller portrait. It hides a secret that might just put a smile on your face.

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“I was really concerned that every single detail be perfect in the end. We’ve used a few of our really good pieces, which can also be seen at the MoMA in New York, among other places.”

Ingo Maurer


Ten questions for Ingo Maurer

Mr Maurer, what makes good design?
“It considers people, in its technology as well as its form.”

Do you have a set design formula?
“No, I ’m not religious.”

Where do your ideas come from?
“I’m inspired by a lot of things, the reflections in somebody’s eye, the wind in the leaves of a tree. I grew up next to a lake, so I developed a keenness for light early on.”

How would you describe Munich?
 “Lovely. It ’s not the beer, but the joy on people’s faces as they walk along the Isar that makes me happy.”

Your personal relationship to the city?
“I ’m luckily stuck here, but thankfully I also live in New York – I need the challenge.”

What is your greatest dream?
“Building a life-size replica of the Sistine Chapel. So people can see it and maybe even have a drink there. As it is, it ’s hard to get in.”

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A good compliment for your work?
“When people come to our expo stand or our showroom with a face like thunder but leave with a smile.”

You’ve been called a visionary. Do you see yourself like that?
“No. I have visions, but I ’m not a visionary. I would like to continue developing and not stay where I am now. But for now, I have 60 people to pay.”

Does your team play a big role for you?
“Yes, I’m more of a giver than a taker, a lot of people say that to me.”

What is your recipe for happiness?
“It’s passion for my work. My people are also very important to me, as we can only perceive ourselves through others. And it’s important to me to have discipline – even if you’re full of fire and brimstone – which I also enjoy very much.”


Munich-based light designer Ingo Maurer is one of the best known light designers. His lights and installations aren’t just found in buildings, but also the greatest museums in the world.


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