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Absolutely scrumptious

Motel One Zurich – Swiss chocolate and a lakeside breeze

A leisurely boat trip on Lake Zurich, snow-capped mountains against a clear blue sky, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate: in our Motel One Zurich, we have everything that makes Switzerland’s biggest city so appealing wrapped up in a delectable design.

Grüezi! Our Motel One Zurich welcomes you into its stately walls which were once the Selnau Post Office and are now listed as a historic building. You are immersed in a picturesque panorama of the Swiss Alps as soon as you enter reception, with pendant lamps by designer Tom Dixon echoing the contours of the mountainous landscape on the rear wall. Indirect backlighting highlights the Alpine silhouettes like the evening sun and emanates the tranquil elegance of these million-year-old giants. Does it symbolise the typically laid-back attitude of the Swiss? It might! 

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After checking in, the truly enticing portion of your stay begins with something that is just as famous as the country’s wild, romantic mountains – Swiss chocolate. 
Its sweet seductiveness distinguishes the look of our bar in Zurich: a glimmering gold ceiling over the counter is reminiscent of a shimmering chocolate wrapper, and the pendant lights melt like chocolate drops from above. The Italian armchairs and sofas by Arketipo and Baxter in shades of caramel and gianduja look good enough to eat!

But we appeal to more than just visual appetites – there are 'real' delicacies to enjoy as well: you can warm yourself up with a mug of hot chocolate in winter, or cool down on summer days with a refreshing chocolate sorbet. Or you might sample the truffle collection crafted especially for us by the Lucerne atelier 'Max Chocolatier'. We should warn you, however: these little works of art will leave you wanting more!

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Would you like to go out and enjoy the great outdoors after so much sweetness? The lounge and breakfast area reveal what Lake Zurich has to offer right on your doorstep: you can paddle, swim, dive or sail to your heart’s content! Golden propellers, round mirrors shaped like portholes, miniature models of boats by the long-established company Boesch and light-as-air cloud lamps by Bocci make you want to instantly take off on a journey and fill your lungs with the fresh wind off the water! 

Zurich awaits!

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