Water Worlds

...in Motel One Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt

Bad Cannstatt is the oldest district of Stuttgart, a place that nature has always been very kind to. With 15 of the 19 mineral water springs in Stuttgart, Bad Cannstatt boasts one of Europe’s largest mineral water sources. This Motel One is right opposite the Old Town of Bad Cannstatt, directly next to the old city wall.

So we let our creativity flow... and made water our motto at Motel One Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt too. In all its forms, it has inspired us to create a very special design. 

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A Turqouise Oasis

As soon as you enter the hotel, it becomes clear what role this fascinating element plays in our One Lounge design. The German translation of the saying “Water can wear down the strongest stone” greets guests at the reception. Copper piping along the shelving and historical photographs of fountains reference the numerous healing springs that define the culture of the town. And the next mineral fountain is not far away: the hotel  has its own to quench your thirst.

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Liquid Treasures

Flowing shapes and effervescent colours also flow through our bar area. Between wave-shaped room dividers, gently shimmering seating and transparent hanging chairs dangling from the ceiling like drops – the ‘Bubble Chairs’ from Eero Aarnio Originals – you can relax almost weightlessly, as if you were in an underwater world. Also the round 3D-look rugs by Christian Fischbacher subtly simulate the movement of water. And the ‘Mercury’ pendant light by Artemide made especially for Motel One is also reminiscent of water drops. Dive right in – without getting wet!

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Design and Stone

Wherever you find mineral water, you’ll also find stone – after all, this precious commodity has to trickle through stone for it to exist in the first place.
And like mineral water and stone, the cooperation of the Motel One design team with the furniture makers from Draenert also proved to be a very inspiring encounter. For more than 50 years, Draenert has been making high-quality stone creations with a refined style that always combines classic chic with visionary design ideas. The picking out and manufacturing of the monolithic-looking stone for our Motel One bar at Draenert’s very own stone park was an absolute highlight. 
Speaking of highlights: The light installation made especially for Motel One Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt above the huge natural stone bar consists of an array of  ‘Bulls’ lamps by Reflex, floating like air bubbles through water. Feel free to exchange the latter here for a G&T!

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Drop right in... we look forward to welcoming you!

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