Redesign - but sustainable, please!

Pilot project at Motel One Munich - Deutsches Museum

Turning old into new

A before-and-after look at our new redesign approach

How does a redesign work?

Our hotels are regularly given a new design - because life naturally leaves its mark on a hotel. We have always emphasised sustainability aspects: When our hotels are redesigned, we continue to use our pieces of furniture, depending on their condition, or refurbish them for further use.
For the new design of the room areas in the Motel One Munich-German Museum, we have gone one step further and launched a pilot project.
Materials, such as the outdated wall panelling, were collected for refurbishment by our partner Pfleiderer. This is where old becomes new: waste wood is recycled and processed into high-quality materials that will be used again.


Duration: 4-5 months, one floor is renovated in approx. five weeks.

Work is carried out floor by floor: Only when one trade has finished its work on one floor it moves on to the next floor and the second trade takes over the previous floor

Around 150 tonnes of recycled material was collected in containers

The Artemide lights in the rooms were reused, the bed frames refurbished and reused 

Schritt für Schritt

1. Dismantling: smaller furniture, beds, carpets - everything has to be removed first and sent to storage or to the containers for processing

2. Cleaning out - and repairing the walls as well as the floors. Before the floor can be repainted or laid, it first has to be filled, primed and levelled.

3. Transformation: wallpapering and painting work follows

4. Flooring: 1.5 days to lay the carpets for an entire floor. We think that's pretty quick!

5. Final spurt: the new furniture and electrics are installed

6. At the very end, the corridors are also given a new coat of paint and floor covering to repair any damage caused during furniture transport or similar.

That's it! Why don't you drop by Motel One Munich-German Museum

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