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City of Titels

Graz has collected plenty of titles over the years. Back in the 1970s, the capital of the state of Styria was named Austria’s ‘secret capital of literature’. The next milestone followed in 2003, when Graz was designated the Cultural Capital of Europe. And if that wasn't enough, Austria's second-largest city became a City of Culinary Delights in 2008. But Graz isn’t just making waves when it comes to culture and literature: it’s also got a flair for design. It’s not for nothing that Creative Industry Styria crowned it the City of Design in 2011. Graz has its lively creative scene to thank for its many titles. From literature to art, architecture to design – anyone who wants to flex their creative muscles is in exactly the right place in Graz.

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A city where old meets new

Graz has a unique ability to juggle both modernity and tradition, cleverly connecting clean modern architecture with historic charm.
How would you like to travel back to the 13th century? It couldn’t be easier with the Graz clock tower. But watch out: the clock face of this Graz landmark is a little confusing at first glance, with the unexpected size difference between its hour and minute hands. Eggenberg Palace is another of Graz’s historical gems. The Baroque building has been part of the Graz scenery since 1625. It’s the largest and most significant palace complex in Styria. Now let’s move on to the Glockenspielplatz square, where you can see a couple dressed in traditional clothing pirouette three times a day. The colourful figures have been dancing to enchanting melodies high above the square since 1905 – from traditional Austrian Alpine music to modern compositions and even Christmas carols! The idea behind the carillon is not just entertainment. For a long time, it was also used as a marketing gag. The entrepreneurial spirits producer Gottfried Maurer set up the little dance scene to entice customers into his shop on what was then known as Fliegelplatz.    

That’s enough history – it’s now time to take a wander through modern Graz. The ‘Kunsthaus Graz’ art museum is just a short walk from the historical old town. The purist city landmark makes a striking impression even from far off. And no wonder – the vibrant blue construction paints a vivid contrast to the traditional red tiled roofs. It’s really earned its affectionate nickname of the ‘Friendly Alien’. The contemporary art museum has been showcasing key artistic milestones from the last four decades since 2003. Looking for an architectural masterpiece surrounded by greenery? Then you need to visit the ‘Murinsel’. The 47-metre-long steel construction is really something special. It’s made itself comfortable in the middle of the Mur river. And the US artist Vito Acconci didn't stop with the location – the design is also impressive. The organic silhouette with its curved glass roof is consciously designed to look like the sensual shape of a mussel. It’s no surprise that the modern glass and steel construction has been a popular location for concerts, performances and exhibitions since 2003.


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Soak up the city’s vibe with Motel One, your affordable design hotel in Graz

Would you like to experience everything that Austria's second-largest city has to offer? Then we’d love to welcome you to Motel One Graz, your modern design hotel in Styria. Book a room at the lively Jakominiplatz, and you’ll have all the city’s top sights close at hand. The hotel is particularly well-positioned for culture fans. It’s only a few minutes’ walk from the Graz Opera, one of the centrepieces of the Austrian theatre scene. Opera fans from throughout Europe have been flocking to the Baroque building since the end of the 19th century. Or would you like to visit the Neue Galerie Graz art gallery? Whether you walk, cycle or take the tram – the famous natural history and art museum in the Joanneum district is easy to reach from your hotel. And if you’ve still not had your fill of museums, there’s also the Museum of Perception (MUWA). It’s been playing with visitor’s perceptions since 1996. And speaking of playing: FRida & freD, the Graz children’s museum, is also close to your hotel. This colourful world of adventure is just a short walk away.
Ready to hit the shops? No problem – the Jakominiplatz and Hauptplatz squares make the perfect starting point for some relaxed shopping through the streets of Graz. And since shopping is sure to work up an appetite, you’ll need to find somewhere to recharge. So it’s a good job that the city’s culinary scene is right outside the hotel. Traditional Austrian dining, Italian restaurants, hip local cafés, Irish pubs or modern hotel bars – what will it be? 


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Book at Motel One Graz and feel at home

Feeling at home in a new city – is it possible? Of course! Simply book one of our cosy rooms and feel like a true Graz local. Right in the heart of the city, our affordable design hotel offers free wifi, comfortable beds and a varied breakfast at fantastic value for money. Relax in our inviting lobby, enjoy a cold drink at the bar or relax and recharge in your hotel room, ready for the day to come. After all, you’ll want to be raring to go sightseeing, shopping or visiting museums. So goodnight – or as the locals say, guad Nocht!




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