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Following in the footsteps of James Joyce

Picturesque streets, bright red brick buildings, the captivating sound of pipes – Dublin is pure poetry. It’s no wonder that the literary greats feel so at home here. James Joyce in particular was fond of the Irish capital. His declaration of love? ‘When I die, Dublin will be written on my heart.’ It’s not for nothing that he dedicated an entire collection of short stories to the city of the shamrock – and with great success. 

To this day, Dubliners is considered a masterpiece of Irish literature. But there are other poets and thinkers who also fell helplessly under the spell of Ireland’s charm, among them Jonathan Swift, Sean O’Casey, Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett. Dublin well deserves its UNESCO title of City of Literature.

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A Harry Potter welcome

Narrow winding streets, quaint pubs, Gothic churches – Dublin’s old town looks as though it could have been taken from a Harry Potter film. Even Trinity College looks remarkably similar to Hogwarts. The prestigious university has sat enthroned in the heart of the Irish capital since 1592 and has produced a great number of creative minds, from Jonathan Swift to Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett. How many hours are they likely to have spent poring over books in the Long Room? But young students certainly don’t come to this time-honoured part of the Trinity College library just to learn. Book a guided tour of the Long Room and enjoy hearing amusing anecdotes about the student life of Oscar Wilde and his fellow alumni.

Harry Potter would feel just as comfortable in Temple Bar as at Trinity College. In this lively district with its narrow cobblestone streets, Dublin shows its party side, with Irish pubs lined up one after the other. And the best thing is that in the evening, the traditional Irish pubs transform into concert venues. After all, a pint of Guinness tastes all the better when it’s accompanied by live music.

Speaking of Guinness: anyone with a weakness for the Irish stout shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit the Guinness Museum. Take a look back at the beer’s 250-year history and get to know the culinary heart of Dublin a little better. And after the theory, of course, comes the practice. Round off your visit to the museum with a chilled Guinness in the Gravity Bar and enjoy breathtaking views of the city at the same time. Sláinte!

But now it’s back to Dublin’s incredible Harry Potter backdrop: St. Patrick’s Cathedral is an absolute must-see. Its namesake gave us the famous St. Patrick’s Day, which is celebrated every year on 17 March – in Ireland’s national colour, green, of course. Legend has it that Dublin’s national cathedral was built based on a small chapel from the fifth century where St. Patrick himself baptised people with holy water. Had enough history? Then the small park right next to St. Patrick’s Cathedral is the perfect place to relax.

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Book Motel One Dublin – your affordable design hotel in the leprechaun city

Dublin is the city of myths and legends. The imagination can easily run wild in the many winding alleys. Wait, was that a leprechaun over there?

Check it out for yourself. Book a room at your affordable design hotel in the heart of Dublin and get up close and personal with the city of leprechauns and elves.

But before you give free rein to your imagination, start your morning by fortifying yourself with our extensive breakfast buffet. Coffee, tea, fresh bread rolls, marmalade – what can we get for you today?

Start the day as you mean to go on. And before you leave the hotel, be sure to check the weather forecast. Make yourself comfortable in our modern lobby and connect to our free wifi. All clear, there’s no rain forecast for today. Now there’s nothing more standing in the way of an action-packed day in Dublin.

Whether you’re on foot, on a bike or taking public transport, the great location of our design hotel means you can quickly and easily get to the best parts of the Irish capital.

Once you’ve arrived in the city centre, the souvenir hunter in you will be unleashed. Where can you find the best gifts? It couldn’t be easier: symbols of Dublin gather in the bustling Grafton Street and Moore Street – from leprechaun figurines to shamrock-scented candles and traditional Irish shot glasses.

Book your affordable design hotel and soak up everything Dublin

Next up, you can savour Dublin’s culinary offerings. You absolutely have to try Irish stew, a popular national dish. Particularly on chilly, rainy days, the Irish warm themselves up with a hearty stew made with lamb and vegetables. Fancy a dessert? How about some Irish barmbrack? This speciality is like a sweet bread that the Irish jazz up with raisins, sultanas and glacé cherries as the mood takes them. Serve with a helping of creamy Irish butter – yum!

Still on the subject of food, particularly brave visitors to Dublin dare to take on Carrageen Moss Pudding. This speciality pudding is made with seaweed!

With your appetite sated, you can head back to your Motel One and end the day with a fresh Guinness at the hotel bar. What will the Irish city serve up tomorrow?


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