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As of 2 November 2020, additional Coronavirus measures are in force across Germany. Important for you: All Motel One are open and we are able to welcome guests who are travelling on business at any time. Depending on the regulations of the individual federal states as well as of the individual European countries, tourist trips to our locations are also possible.

Everything you need to know about staying at Motel One now

Am I still allowed to travel?
As a general rule, all German citizens are requested to refrain from unnecessary tourist travel to a number of countries. Tourist overnight stays within the country are partly permitted - but the restrictions vary from federal state to federal state (overview). We continue to be open for any guests travelling for business. Business travellers do not need confirmation from the company. At check-in however, you must fill in a form to confirm that the reason for travelling is business.

Which Motel One hotels are open outside of Germany?
- With effect from 19 May, our Motel One in Austria are open for business and tourist visits. In Switzerland, business and tourist overnight stays are permitted. More information is available on the official government websites for Austria and Switzerland.
- For our other locations, please visit the websites of the relevant state health authorities or the Federal Foreign Office and check the latest regulations before you travel.
- Feel free to contact the hotel directly should you have any questions. Contact details are given on our individual hotel websites.

What is Motel One doing to ensure the health and safety of its guests?
Our stringent hygiene guidelines, which have been verified by the testing and certification company SGS Institut Fresenius, are in effect at all of our hotels and we also meet all other country-specific requirements to the letter. Please click here for more details.

Is breakfast provided at Motel One?
At locations where we cannot offer our usual buffet selection due to Corona, we offer guests an adapted breakfast service or a hand-packed "breakfast to go" with fresh ingredients so that you definitely do not have to start your day on an empty stomach.

What if I need to cancel my trip?
For all individual reservations we offer free rebookings or cancellations at all Motel One in Europe until the end of 2021.

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More information is available here:

Federal Ministry of Health Germany