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Saarbrücken is the capital of Germany’s smallest non-city state, and the region’s business and cultural heart. Motel One is of course also part of the action, ready to welcome you to a chic hotel with ingenious design, snug box spring beds and and free WiFi.

Here on the border to France, lifestyles and attitudes are distinctly inter-national, as is reflected in the local cooking. The balanced, organic breakfast buffet in the hotel, and the French-inspired haute cuisine in the city will satisfy every appetite. Or for something truly local, try “Dibbelabbes”, a potato-based dish unique to the Saarland that’s backed in a cast-iron casserole or “Dibbe” and is so delicious you're sure to come back for more. 

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In Saarbrücken, you can fill your day with adventure, or simply savour the city’s unmistakable French flavour. The centre of the Old Town has been pedestrianised since 1978, so it’s especially relaxing to spend a day mooching from one café or restaurant to the next. If you feel like getting in the groove of an evening, the clubs are close at hand. The nightlife scene here is compact and close-knit – and that much more laid-back.

The current Saarbrücken Castle, a grandiose Baroque château, was reconstructed in the 18th century under architect Friedrich Joachim Stengel, who was also the brains behind the “Stengel Triangle”, the long vistas planned out between the Schloss, Marktbrunnen and Ludwigskirche. These axes can still be distinguished – can you see where they run?


After a leisurely perambulation of the city, ring the changes with a break in our One Lounge – or a trip to the shops. The cluster of boutiques and stores around the St. Johanner Markt and in Bahnhofstraße are an inviting destination. Shopaholics can be sure of bearing plenty of booty back home from events like the “Long Shopping Night” and the occasional Sunday openings.

And for a pleasurable spot to round off your evening, there’s our One Lounge or a choice of venues close by. Finally, it’s worth mentioning Saarbrücken’s wealth of leafy oases. Parks, woods, meadows and streams are just around each corner. If you’re feeling athletic, why not tour them all on the 42.5 km city circuit, marked by seven stones – and studded with plenty of refreshment stops and bus stops along the way! Saarbrücken is simply a little gem of the city that’ll win your heart with its unfussiness, warmth and charm – guaranteed. 

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