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Motel One Lübeck – where medieval charm meets modern design

With its romantic streets, winding alleyways and gorgeous abbeys, Lübeck’s Old Town enchants visitors all year round. The affordable Motel One on the steps of the historic Town Hall is a testament to modern design that offers a compelling contrast to the surrounding medieval architecture. Situated directly in the heart of the city, our design hotel offers not only comfortable box-spring beds for spending the night, but also a space for sitting back and relaxing – a home away from home. After a good night's sleep, stock up on energy for a day in the Hanseatic city at an extensive organic breakfast buffet.

Are you in Lübeck for business? Comfortable lounge work spaces, free WiFi and a creative atmosphere are the perfect setting for inspiration and productivity. And after a long working day, you can relax in our One Lounge with a drink of your choice.

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Affordable design hotels in Lübeck – your Motel One

Did you know that when UNESCO named Lübeck a world heritage site in 1987, it was the first time ever that an entire old town was given this honour? When you explore the more than 80 enchanting passageways and courtyards, you’ll quickly realise that Lübeck’s Old Town is unique across the world.

The undisputed symbol of the capital of marzipan is the Holsten Gate, which graced the 50 German mark bill back in the day and continues to represent the Lübeck cityscape. Today it’s hard to imagine that the Holsten Gate was nearly demolished to make way for the railway – an action that was prevented by a tight one-vote majority. By the way: when you visit the Holsten Gate, notice the way the two towers tilt – pretty crooked, huh? Just around the corner from the Holsten Gate are the old salt storehouses, where Lübeck’s ‘white gold’ was once kept. Today, shopaholics can find clothing boutiques in the impressive complex. Enjoy a great view of the Holsten Gate and the salt storehouses while lunching on the banks of the Trave. The other side of the river also offers unique views – there’s a reason this area bears the nickname Malerwinkel (‘painter's angle’).

Nobel Prize winners, fairtrade shopping and marzipan

In addition to its fascinating Old Town, Lübeck has been home to three Nobel Prize winners. While Willy Brandt and Thomas Mann were born in the Hanseatic city, Günter Grass moved to Lübeck later in life.

Lübeck may not be as big a trade hub as it was during the Middle Ages, but it can now call itself a fairtrade hub. It has held the title of Fair Trade Town since 2012, with restaurants, cafés, hotels and individual retailers promoting global fairtrade – another thing to feel good about in Lübeck.

Want to get to know the culinary side of the Hanseatic city? A visit to Lübeck isn’t complete without tasting its famous marzipan. Lübeck Marzipan is even EU-protected and is distinguished by certain quality principles.

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