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Walking time: 45 mins – Route length: 3.6 km – Steps: 4,724 – Difference in altitude: -10 m

Green, green, green...

Leipzig was established over 1,000 years ago, and has since developed into the most populous city in the German state of Saxony. Even though the city has become a modern metropolis, there are corners where traces of its thousand-year history can still be seen and felt to this day. This walking tour will not only take you past some of the city’s top attractions, but also past all our Motel One hotels. What’s more, the wonderful flat landscape makes Leipzig ideal for walking!

Thanks to its many parks and open spaces, Leipzig is one of the greenest cities in Germany. In a place that’s so in tune with nature, it’s only fitting to start the tour at the Botanical Garden – which also happens to be Germany’s oldest botanical garden– and finish it up at the Zoo Leipzig. You could take advantage of the excellent public transport network to get from place to place if you felt like it – but then you would miss out on seeing the extraordinary architecture of the New Town Hall and the Bach Museum, where you can walk in the footsteps of one of the greatest composers of classical music, who called Leipzig home.

So, why not take a stroll along Windmühlenstrasse instead? It’ll take you past St. Thomas Church, one of Leipzig’s main churches and the place where Bach worked, directly towards the Marktplatz public square in the centre of the city. Here, history enthusiasts can visit the Museum of City History, which shows the history of the city from the early Middle Ages to the present. If that isn’t really your thing, the Mädlerpassage shopping arcade around the corner is one of the few remaining shopping arcades in the city – the perfect place for a good dose of retail therapy.
For those who prefer greenery and nature, simply continue along to the zoo or the adjoining Leipzig Riverside Forest – and just like that, you can turn a 45-minute walk into a day-long excursion that you can stretch out as you please. 


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