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Walking time: 66 minutes - Route length: 4.9 km - Steps: 6,430 - Difference in altitude: 68m

(Not) Walking on sunshine

You can start this fun route from either side. Whichever way you roll it, it takes you from one historical sight to the next and brings you close to the Scottish capital in around an hour. Food suggestion: the Scottish delicacy haggis, of course. By the way, the cooked sheep's stomach is not quite as ubiquitous as is always claimed. But if you're brave enough to try it, you'll find that it doesn't taste bad at all!  In any case: neither the haggis nor the walk are for the faint-hearted, because Edinburgh is old, hilly and usually quite wet!

Start at Arthur's Seat: the old volcano - yes, you read right! - which is 251 metres above sea level, is the only way to view Edinburgh in all its glory. From Arthur's Seat, the path takes you past the ancient ruins of St. Anthony's Chapel straight to the Palace of Holyroodhouse. The 16th century palace still serves as the official residence of the British monarchs in Edinburgh.

From the Palace, the Royal Mile leads in a straight line directly into the heart of the Old Town. Either make a detour to the Royal Museum (National Museum of Scotland) or walk directly to the enchanted Edinburgh Castle, reminiscent of Harry Potter, which towers over the city on Castle Rock - and optionally take in the Scott Monument and the National Gallery on the way there.

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