Designer, artists & creative spirits tell their tales

  • Heavy, yet delicate

    The contrasting designs of Irene Ganser in Linz

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  • Pretzel meets macaroon

    Joni Majer’s and Nathalie Nierengarten’s clichéd art will make you smile

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  • Sketch & the city

    Munich from the perspective of Anja Nolte.

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  • Hugging Letters

    Adrian Falkner shows his colourful skills as a graffiti artist in our Motel One Basel.

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  • Better beleaf it!

    Anaïs Senli practiced a different kind of networking in Barcelona.

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  • Drawing the lines

    In our Motel One Linz-Hauptplatz streetartist SKIRL doesn't need colours to paint vivid pictures.

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  • French finesse

    Artist Cyril Mariaux keeps a close eye on his Munich neighbourhood!

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  • Dream Big exactly what Leipzig artist Paule Hammer did in order to create his work for our Motel One Leipzig-Post.

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  • Fantastic Fantasy

    Follow artist Thomas Draschan into his colourful fantasy worlds.

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