Lift off

Our Motel One Nürnberg-Plärrer

‘Space, the final frontier...’ Ok, strictly speaking we’re not actually in outer space, but in Nuremberg – right next to Plärrer, to be exact. Though when you look at the interior of our Motel One, you might get the impression that you’ve landed in a distant galaxy. But why does our Nuremberg design reach for the stars? Because the Nicolaus-Copernicus-Planetarium is located just around the corner. A quick refresher from the (perhaps somewhat dusty) school textbook: in 1543, Nicolaus Copernicus’s heliocentric model, which declared that the sun was at centre of our solar system, started a revolution and laid down the foundations of modern astronomy. We thought that’s something worth making a little tribute to in our interior design – design that puts you as the guest at the centre of our universe.

Out of this world

The reception desk launches you into our space theme. Its gold-metallic design, comet-like ‘Wonder’ glass lights and glittering murals transport you to distant galaxies.  You’re also in great company: astronauts, satellites and space shuttles guide you through the Milky Way to the bar. 

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Reach for the stars

The chandeliers by Quasar make you feel as if you are sitting under a starry sky. Needless to say, we don't serve space food here, but invigorating spirits and liquors and more – while the light reflections on the ceiling make you feel almost feel weightless. But don’t worry!

In the lounge, futuristic sofas by Moroso, comfortable armchairs by Baxter and Motel One’s signature piece, the egg chair, dressed in sparkling stars, guarantee a soft landing. Here, you’ve got the best view of the round ‘Melt’ lamps by Tom Dixon, which evoke memories of sparkling stars. Our large selection of gin or the ‘Chrona’ lights by Graypants that float past might make you think you’ve spotted a UFO.  Be careful not to lose your footing – the  Jan Kath-carpet, with its artistic space motifs, makes you feel like you are walking through galaxies.

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Flights of thought

Let Nicolaus Copernicus inspire you at our workbench. His historic drawings and formulas are waiting to be discovered – maybe they’ll spark your next big idea. However, even if a revolutionary new world view doesn’t come to mind, there’s plenty of room to spread your wings at the large wooden table by Janua with stools by Freifrau. By the way, did you know that a moon crater is named after the astronomer?  The ‘Moon’ pendant lights by Graypants are a reminder of this.

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Canopy of stars

A bed with a midnight blue headboard, behind which a large, abstract planet rises above a horizon of gold shimmering wallpaper. These are without a doubt the optimal conditions for a heavenly sleep and a great way to launch yourself into the day – wherever your journey takes you!

Check it out and experience moments that are truly out of this world at Motel One Nuremberg-Plärrer – we’ll reserve you a place on the spacecraft!



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