Let's go Biking!


*Illustration by Linz artist Katuuschka, s.b.

  • Roman Round (yellow)

    This is for anyone with a bicycle, road bike
    or e-bike. This tour is about 54 km long with
    an altitude of 80 metres. It starts in Linz and
    goes along the Danube cycle path to Maut-
    hausen and then again back to Linz.
    The family-friendly cycle tour starts at the
    Urfahrmarkt area in Linz. Follow the Dan-
    ube cycle path downstream via Steyregg in
    the direction of the Danube power station
    Abwinden- Asten. Before you arrive, turn left
    towards Abwinden. The cycle path leads away
    from the Danube river to St. Georgen, through
    the town and via Gusen to Langenstein and
    Mauthausen. Then cross the Danube river
    with the cycle ferry, cycle via Enghagen and
    Lorch to Enns. Take a breather in Austria‘s
    oldest town. The Danube Cycle Path leads via
    Enghagen and Kronau back to the power sta-
    tion. Extra tip: On the Enns cycle path, make a
    detour to St. Florian and cycle via Asten and
    the power station onto the Danube path and
    then back to Linz.

  • Panoramic Tour (green)

    This tour is for the sporty kind with a racing
    bike or bicycle. It also is a nice e-bike tour.
    With a little less than 89 kilometres and 1140
    metres of altitude, it goes from Linz via Rei-
    chenau to Gramastetten and back.
    From Linz you cycle along the Danube river
    to Abwinden. You will ride parallel to the river
    Gusen via St. Georgen for a while (heading
    north to Gallneukirchen). Now follow the
    course of the river Große Gusen further to
    Reichenau im Mühlkreis. From there, cycle
    south-east via Hellmonsödt, Kirchschlag and
    Lichtenberg to Gramastetten. Finally, going
    via Walding and Ottensheim, you will reach
    the Danube river once again , along which
    you will be returning to Linz.

  • The Classic Excursion (red)

    For the sporty kind and for those who would
    like to be: the mountainbike tour from Linz
    to the Giselawarte and back. It is approxi-
    mately 23 kilometres long at an altitude of
    700 metres.
    Linzers enjoy it as a popular after-work or
    half-day route. There are several variants.
    Ours starts in the Gründberg district, at the
    junction of Leonfeldner Straße and Pach-
    mayrstraße. Along Gründbergstraße, the
    route goes slightly upwards. Soon the sign
    L1 points to the cycle path leading to the GIS.
    You are heading towards your destination on
    forest roads as well as on asphalted freight
    roads. After enjoying a refreshment at the
    ‚Gasthaus zur GIS‘, you will be returning to
    the town along the same route or via the
    normal road (be careful, there is a lot of traf-
    fic!). The tour rewards with beautiful views
    and opportunities to stop for refreshments.
    It is worth making a day trip out of it!

Motel One meets illustrator Katuuschka