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Tugce and Victor talk about their career and their goals at Motel One

Tugce Acelya Altiok, 26, and Victor Ostrowitzki, 22, are typical of Motel One. Two employees who enjoy their work and free time in equal measure. Who are ambitious enough to take advantage of their opportunities. 

If you ask Tugce, who was born in the Wedding district of Berlin, what her favourite hobby is, she answers: “I like to laugh!”. After three years of training, Tugce started working at Motel One Berlin-Ku’Damm last summer. She now works on reception and in housekeeping, her great passion. Before her apprenticeship, she worked as a maid for a subcontractor at the Motel One Berlin-Mitte. From the outset she enjoyed the friendly atmosphere among staff and guests and when the hotel manager recommended her for a training position, she didn’t have to think twice. “The training has really paid off for me,” says Tugce. “I’ve given myself five years to become a housekeeper. I want to make that happen.” Her husband Baris, who works at Motel One Berlin-Mitte, knows she will for sure. It runs in the family.

Victor Ostrowitzki doesn’t waste time doubting himself either. Victor just graduated from the third and final year of his training as a hotel clerk at the Motel One Frankfurt-Messe. And why Motel One? Victor says: “I wanted to work somewhere trendy.” He spent eight months working on the front desk, followed by stints in service, accounting and sales; the only department he hasn’t worked on yet is reservations. The most exciting thing is the variety of the different guests, which means work is never boring. He smiles: “I’ve learnt how to sweeten the mood in even the most difficult situations.” At the beginning of his training, Victor was very introverted and he wasn’t even sure if it was the right decision to follow in the footsteps of his great uncle who was a hotelier and once owned his own hotel on the Helgoland islands, a small German archipelago in the North Sea. Today, the defender on the HSG Preagberg handball team is so confident that he says he would love to be taken on when he finishes his training, preferably abroad, maybe England, that would be his big wish. Until then: “There is still so much for me to learn on the One Campus, Motel Ones training and professional development centre in Munich. I'm nowhere near finished.”

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