New year, new experiences!

Start the year with fresh ideas and new perspectives

New Year, new city trips

We present eight cities and eight activities that (hopefully) are still on your bucket list. London, Paris and the other usual suspects offer so much more than just the standard tourist trails. And if you are already striking new paths: we of course recommend making the local Motel One your base – a familiar home from home. Let’s go! 



The following French delicacy is admittedly more of a culinary experience, shall we say. We’re talking about ‘escargots’. Translated: snails – and they’re usually prepared in garlic and herb butter. This dish may seem a little off-putting at first, but it is reputed to be very appetising: the taste of snail is often described as mildly earthy. It's part of an authentic Paris experience.

Welcome to the Strudelshow! The Café Residenz at Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna is all about the perfect apple strudel. See for yourself as the dough is skilfully stretched out and combined with a delicious filling of apples, cinnamon and raisins – created by the hands of experienced pastry chefs. Whatever you do, don’t forget one thing: the tasting! Before you do, the Austrians will wish you ‘An Guadn!’ – bon appetit! 


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One for adrenaline junkies, this tip is not for the faint of heart. Near Innsbruck is the Europa Bridgeone of the highest bridges in Europe and therefore ideal for bungee jumping. Anyone brave enough can get themselves secured there by a rope and plunge into the depths with a breathtaking panoramic view. A whole 192 metres! 

You can get an equally dizzying view on your next trip to London: on the roof of the O2 Arena, which is 52 metres high. But how do you get up there? With climbing equipment and a professional guide at your side. Once at the top, you’ll be rewarded with 360-degree panoramic views of the London skyline and get a glimpse of both Big Ben and Tower Bridge.

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Ice Ice Baby: Welcome to the place where everything is made of ice. Walls, tables, chairs – even your own cocktail glass. If you want to sip a drink in the Ice Pub Prague, it’s best to dig your thickest winter coat out of your wardrobe, because here temperatures remain at a constant minus seven degrees Celsius. But don’t worry, there are thermal jackets and gloves on site. Na zdraví! 

Like butter belongs with bread, like a lock belongs to a key – the colourful flamenco scene belongs to Madrid. In special flamenco venues, known as ‘tablaos’, visitors can be swept off their feet by the passionate performances of the flamenco dancers. It’s even more fun if you get up on the floor yourself. This is best done in one of the many dance schools in Madrid. Here you can learn intricate moves from locals and immerse yourself in the traditional dance with body and mind.

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Fly high on a hot air balloon ride over the historic city of Würzburg. On the journey across the Main you glide like a bird over the stately Würzburg Residenz, the vineyards and the Käppele – a beautiful Baroque church. It’s not every day that you see the sights from this angle.

In which country do the happiest people live? In Denmark – at least, according to the World Happiness Report. The Danes’ recipe for happiness is the concept of ‘hygge’, which means creating conscious moments of joy, relaxation and conviviality. Sounds good? Then join a Hygge and Happiness Tour in Copenhagen. You can visit cosy cafés, discover ‘hygge’ hotspots and immerse yourself in the relaxed atmosphere that is so central to the Scandinavian way of life. Let’s hygge! 


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