Hotel Frankfurt Messe balcony

Our top 10: Rooms with a view

Panoramic views whose beauty exceeds that of any postcard

We present you ten Motel One rooms in the most exciting European cities that uniquely frame the view from the window.

What to do: note the room number, book, and be amazed ...

For charismatics

What can I see? Right in the heart of Manchester, to the left you have the Royal Exchange Theatre, an elegant Victorian building dating back to the 1820s and now the heart of the city. Kate Winslet and Hugh Grant were known to tread the boards here before they became big film stars. The modernist utilitarian building behind it is a real contrast: the popular English department store Marks & Spencer, where it’s less about fine arts and more about the finer things in life. The brown leather Freifrau armchair in room 612 offers a view of the past and present of a metropolis that has much more to offer than just two football clubs – even if they are legends in their own rights!

Motel One Manchester-Royal Exchange
Room no. 612, 6th floor
Price: from £ 69

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For opera lovers

What can I see? If you are given room 581, you should make sure you pack your opera glasses: awaiting you here are views of the Schauspielhaus Dresden theatre where, among others, Jan Josef Liefers, German actor, began his career.“ Next door you can admire the world famous Zwinger with its elongated baroque galleries and the golden onion dome. To the right is the world famous Semper Opera House with its unique architecture. Take it from us, you won’t want to leave your room!

Motel One Dresden am Zwinger
Room no. 581, 5th floor
Price: from 79,– €

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For discoverer

What can I see? In the centre of your panoramic view you can see the famous onion-shaped domed roofs of Munich’s Frauenkirche (Cathedral Church of Our Lady). To the right is the neo-Gothic town hall, on whose balcony the FC Bayern München celebrates its championship victories. And to the left of the Frauenkirche is the “Alte Peter ”, the 91-metre-high tower of the Peterskirche (Church of St Peter). Assuming you can manage the 300 steps to the very top, you’ll be rewarded with Munich’s most beautiful lookout – besides the view from your room of course. 

Motel One München-Deutsches Museum
Room no. 909, 9th floor
Price: from 79,– €

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For nighthawks

What can I see? St Nicholas Cathedral and many traditional brick buildings of the city, which today house museums, theatres and restaurants. The Sage Gateshead Hall concert venue with its futuristic exterior and the imposing Tyne Bridge, which, especially when lit up at night, is reminiscent of its “sister”, the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Motel One Newcastle
Room no. 507, 5th floor
Price: from £ 69

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For festival lovers

What can I see? A beautiful view over the Salzach River on the Mönchsberg Mountain –the great Festival Hall is located at its foot – along with the Hohensalzburg Fortress. In clear weather, the impressive panorama of the Tennen Mountains can be seen in the background.

Motel One Salzburg-Mirabell
Room no. 609, 6th floor
Price: from 89,– €

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For football enthusiasts

What can I see? A view of the green and red soul of this metropolis with a heart. The Isar flood plain, Hellabrunn Zoo and the famous Säbener Strasse, home of FC Bayern München, are right at your feet.

Motel One Munich-Campus
Room no. 1278, 12th floor
Price: from 89,– €

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For amateur architects

What can I see? The world’s biggest gherkin in the form of the 180 metre skyscraper belonging to a major insurance company in the middle of London’s financial district – the City. We’re not joking – Ken Shuttleworth und Norman Foster’s building really is known as the Gherkin!

Motel One London-Tower Hill
Room no. 1407, 14th floor
Price: from £ 118

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For cosmopolitans

Ideal for anyone who goes along with Kennedy’s famous declaration “Ich bin ein Berliner”.

Motel One Berlin-Potsdamer Platz
Room no. 150, 3rd floor
Price: from 79,– €

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For amateur train drivers

What can I see? The spectacular landscape of diamond-shaped roofs over the tracks and Austria’s biggest shopping mall. From your window you can easily wave goodbye to travellers!

Motel One Wien-Hauptbahnhof
Room no. 1700, 17th floor
Price: from 89,– €

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For busy people

Ideal for anyone who likes being in the middle of things rather than standing on the sidelines!

Motel One Frankfurt-Messe
Room no. 720, 7th floor
Price: from 79,– €

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