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Now fully connected in the new Motel One Berlin-Upper West

Make even smarter use of your smartphone thanks to new smart TVs in the recently opened Motel One Berlin-Upper West. 

Ready for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify and more

Stream your favourite films, TV series and music directly on the smart Loewe television in your Motel One hotel room.

  • Go to the corresponding function under ‘Pair device’
  • Enable wifi and Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet and connect with the TV in your room
  • Start the appropriate app on your smartphone and enjoy your movies and music on our 40” Loewe smart TV. 

What else can we do for you?

The Motel One smart TV not only offers you the best in entertainment, but also access to an array of practical services. You can order fresh towels, a dental care kit, iron or smartphone charger cable directly via the television.

The smart TV system also includes up-to-date weather reports, Motel One news, and an alarm and sleep timer.

Naturally free of charge

The new smart TVs in the Motel One Berlin-Upper West are of course free to use, just like the on-site wifi. Interested? Book your room here now. We look forward to seeing you!

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