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It’s Gin O’Clock at Motel One!

The ‘ginaissance’ is showing no signs of slowing down and there has been a huge resurgence in the popularity of this traditional spirit.

We have navigated our way through the huge array of fantastic gins out there on your behalf. The result is an exclusive menu featuring a selection of our 40 favourites, carefully compiled with a special focus on regional distillers.

As well as lots of the classics, we are also presenting a large number of newcomers to the gin scene, such as Law Gin from Ibiza, Windspiel Premium Dry Gin from Germany’s Eifel region, distilled from potatoes matured in volcanic soil, and Monkey 47, a dry gin from the Black Forest made with 47 botanicals.

Our hot-off-the-press “One Gin” menu even delves into the history and origins of the spirit. And we also clarify the difference between London gin, distilled gin and dry gin.

In our compact guide you will find the answers to many gin-related questions, not to mention fascinating stories about gin and its distillers. And you will also learn all the basics about this popular tipple.

The highlight is yet to come. As of now, we offer five Signature G&Ts in Germany and Austria, created for you by two renowned bartenders. Cihan Anadologlu from Munich and Kan Zuo from Vienna invite you, together with our competent Motel One employees to an exceptional taste experience. Cihan Anadologlu is a famous mixologist and bar owner of the Circle Bar in Munich. For his Signature G&Ts he has chosen a great mix of European Gin and transformed them into some very special creations.

The Mediterranean G&T
The Spicy G&T
Made in Germany G&T
The Italian G&T
The Garden G&T


The extraordinary G&Ts offer something for every taste. If you like it hot, chose the Spicy G&T with real chili.

Kan Zuo from the Sign Lounge in Vienna used all of the Austrian Gins from our One Gin Menu for his G&Ts. Every G&T stands for one character trait, thereby expressing different personalities.

The Gherkin
Sounds of the Ring Nr. 2
Sound and Fury
Little Sweetie Little Creamy

Be surprised!

We hope you’ll enjoy browsing and sampling your way through this compilation of gins as much as we have enjoyed putting it together for you.

Browse our new “One Gin” menu here.

Coming soon: Five signature G&Ts created exclusively for Motel One by star barkeepers Cihan Anadologlu and Kan Zuo.

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