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    Your low-priced yet high-quality equipped Motel One is situated on the lovely river Saar in Saarbrücken. Relaxation, gastronomy and shopping are literally just around the corner. You can view the baroque castle of the capital of the Saarland by crossing the so-called Old Bridge. Even the Saarland state theatre and the main station are only a short walk away.

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Hotel Saarbrucken

Hotel Saarbrucken

Saarbrucken – a city of diversity!
Located close to the border of France and not far from Luxembourg, Saarbrucken is the economic and cultural centre of Saarland. A picturesque city, it offers a wealth of parks, forests, meadows and streams. For those feeling fit enough, you can enjoy the 42.5 km city trail known as "Sieben Steine weisen den Weg" (seven stones show you the way). But don't worry – there are plenty of places to stop on the way –  and bus stops if you feel you've had enough! The inner city offers numerous boutiques and retail stores in and around St. Johanner Markt (St. Johanner Market Square) and there are plenty more to choose from in Bahnhofstrasse. Come on the "Long night of shopping" or "Open Sunday" and your shopping spree can last even longer! The city also has a vibrant nightlife with plenty of clubs and bars to choose from – or try your luck in Casino Saarbrucken. Always in step with the times, the city also offers an audio guide app to download to your smartphone. Our low budget Motel One design hotel in Saarbrucken offers stylish, comfortable low-cost accommodation and is the perfect base for exploring the city and its environs. We look forward to welcoming you!