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Experience Munich

Welcome to the home of the Bavarian Weißwurst

We have a few tips for you – compiled by Munich originals. Because you don’t need any help finding your way to Marienplatz and the shopping mile.

Read the tips of our favourite locals and discover the real "Minga" (that’s the local slang for Munich!) with its two faces – from rustically unpretentious to sophisticatedly hip.

Yvonn likes the Glockenbachviertel and mountain air.

Hello Yvonn. We’d like to know what you like so much about Munich...

Well, the best thing about Munich is its size. Munich is a big city, but not a megacity like Istanbul. And there’s always that feeling of being on holiday too. If you like, you can explore the city by foot and yet within five minutes you can always be surrounded by nature.

Can you recommend a good breakfast in town?

I rarely eat out for breakfast. But if I have to, then it’s definitely at BUSSONE at the city wholesale market. Best cappuccino and croissants. And for a normal lunch on a typical weekday? Bar Corso. Very nice, always delicious, always lively. The Glockenbach is also directly opposite which is a favourite luncheon spot among locals.

Are those also clients of yours, by any chance?

Yup - OK! But Corso is really nice! By the way I can highly recommend it for dinner as well. The food is very good and there is always something going on. Now, what about afternoon coffee or isn’t that a Munich thing? Well, at the weekend a lot of people escape to the mountains. Because it’s quite often more beautiful than being in the city... But if you want to stay indoors then head for the Tomaso at Roecklplatz for example. That's really beautiful and you can bump into many old friends. But take note that it’s a residential area and there are not many tourists now!

Who wants to be near tourists...?

Yes, you are right. The aim is to discover Munich.

Where does the cosmopolitan woman (i.e. from Munich) buy her gear?

I like to go to the Reichenbachstraße. There is the Rocket, the Ruby Store, Noa Noa, Hannes Roether and even a great new bar, the Bar Reichenbach. The Hörensagen in the Hans-Sachs-Straße is also nice.

So, what’s your perfect Sunday?

Can I escape from the city? Yes, of course.

Yoga in the morning. We have a great yoga studio here, where non-members can join immediately and the atmosphere is very informal. Then head out to the Tegernsee in the afternoon. A hike to farmers in the Au, for example, is very nice (can also be done with a mountain bike). In the evening something hot and spicy at Charlie at Schyrenbad and then watch the cult detective series Tatort on TV. Ideally starring the Munich Police Commissioners Leitmayr and Batic. Do you have a final tip what to bring your friends back from Munich? White sausages and Augustiner beer! If it has to be a bit more exclusive, then an accessory from traditional Bavarian couture label Amsel...

Dear Yvonn, we thank you for your tips.



Yvonn MAY (40) heads the PR agency Sweet Communications in Munich.

Her tips:



Müllerstraße 51

089 24216115



Thalkirchner Straße 126

089 7211229


Hans-Sachs-Str. 1

089 64260580



Buttermelcherstr. 11-15

089 45226522



Schyrenstraße 8

089 48058244



Clemensstrasse 90

0174 4864889



Arnulfstr. 52

089 594393

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