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Experience Hamburg

Hello from the waterfront

The “Michel” Church and a unique city nightlife. The Pearl of the North for everyone with passion.

Hamburg is not only a safe haven for all seafarers. Our locals also feel quite comfortable here. Read tips from three real "Fischköppen" (Hamburgers), experience Hamburg's most beautiful sides and discover its most unusual places.

Martin rates Hoheluft, the Bahrenfeld Fog Horn and the Beatles.

Hello Martin, you wanted to meet us in this crazy shop. What are all these voodoo masks?

An incredibly bizarre place, a kind of museum where you can buy almost everything. A large part of the more than 365,000 masks, statues and sculptures are from Africa and were bequeathed to "Harrys Hafenbasar" by sailors who had been there. For a little donation of course. Meanwhile it is being managed by a new Harry and is soon moving to an old dock crane at the port. I can only recommend a visit here!

So, I bet you live in St. Pauli as well?

No, I love the neighbourhood, because I'm a big fan of the Beatles and they spent so much time here, but I live more quietly in Hoheluft.

What is this Hoheluft?

A district. A fairly well-known one in fact! Hoheluft is the gritty but charming belt between the slightly snooty Eppendorf and the old '68 protest movement and student inhabitants of Eimsbuettel. A very good area to live, but also interesting for visitors. The Eppendorfer Weg runs all the way through with great shops, nice cafes and restaurants.

You write quirky books, for example the biography of Lothar Matthäus and similar. Do you sometimes sit in a cafe in front of the computer and key in Lothar’s scandals?

Sure, sometimes. In the "Caffetteria" for example, you can sit comfortably at any hour, and write, dine and be entertained by the overburdened mothers throughout the day.

Now let’s come to the point: Where’s your favourite drinking hole?

For the best drink you have to go to Bahrenfeld near the Motel One hotel in Altona. The bar in the Atlas Restaurant is the best address in town for the perfect nightcap. The Fog Horn from head barkeeper Dirk Eberhard is an absolute must! If I remember correctly, it consists of five parts gin, three parts lime juice and two parts ginger ale with a lot of ice. After the second one you’re floating.

Here in Hamburg you then float off to the next bar, right? In which joint is Paul and John’s spirit still alive if you like the Beatles?

At Liverpool drummer Gibson Kemp’s. He took over at Ringo Starr’s band when Ringo joined the Beatles. In Kemp's I drink my ale and eat his sensational sage spaghetti, which he prepares in what is probably Hamburg’s smallest kitchen! This is also where the gentlemen from the old Star Club days meet up regularly. Pure nostalgia.

Now we are already talking about the drinks, even though we have not talked about food ... all the same, can you reveal your favourite neighbourhood restaurant?

Sure. It’s called Magris, named after the chef Sandro Magris, who used to be a journalist. He runs his Italian restaurant as a one-man show in Eppendorfer Weg and conjures up creations that are certainly not found at run-of-the-mill Italians.

You're also a young father. Can you recommend two more restaurants in the city where you can go with children?

We love the "Tassajara", one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Germany and also tasty for children. Just like the “Esszimmer“, which unconventionally specialises in German food. Cauliflower puree with lots of TLC and so on.

Dear Martin, we thank you for the interview.

MARTIN HÄUSSLER lives with his wife Ariane Isabel and child John Henry in Hoheluft and is one of three Hamburg natives we surveyed as local experts.



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