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Experience Berlin

Everything’s pretty lively here!

Federal capital, party capital, the capital of hip: Berlin used to be called poor, but sexy. Let’s see what the locals have to say.

Read the tips of three Berlin originals, experience Berlin's international atmosphere and the gritty urban beauty that is celebrated far and wide.

Alonso & Peter explain the Berlin districts and like it multi-cultural.

Let's get straight to the point: What is the absolute must-see in Berlin?

That’s difficult because there are so many highlights! Let’s try: Checkpoint Charlie, The Museum Island (Museumsinsel), Tiergarten, Brandenburg Gate at night, and of course the government quarter with the Reichstag. Here’s the first tip: If you reserve a table in the restaurant (Käfer), you get into the cupola without waiting – even on Saturdays. 

Can you briefly describe the different districts?

Mitte is the trendy district. New boutiques all over the place and many creative restaurants and bars. Prenzlauer Berg was the hip area eight years ago, but is now almost exclusively populated by families with children. There is an organic market on every corner. Kreuzberg is still turbulent, multi-cultural and you should go at least once to the Oranienstraße to get a good feel for the area. Neukölln is not to be underestimated, as there will be a lot happening in the next few years. And if you prefer more peace and quiet, then Charlottenburg/Wilmersdorf is always the right choice of course.

What is the best area to get to know the old, real Berlin?

This "typical" Berlin can still be found in pubs in Charlottenburg: Diener Tattersall or Rum Trader can be recommended.

Are there actually musicals in the city?

Oh yes, there are several musicals at Potsdamer Platz, such as "Hinter dem Horizont" ("Beyond the Horizon") by Udo Lindenberg, and soon "War Horse" or even shows like the Blue Man Group. The Berlin Philharmonic is world famous.

Can you get tickets for a concert just like that?

It's like everything in life: It all depends (which concert is being played). Otherwise just check out the Berlin Philharmonic website.

Where would you send your parents for a meal?

To get an impression of Berlin, perhaps the Kater Holzig, a pretty creative restaurant, which also houses a club. Or to the Paris Bar, which is simply a Berlin institution.

And families with children?

For example, Nola's am Weinberg is highly recommended. The food is very good and the kids can play outside in the park.

Your own favourite eating places?

Firstly, of course the classics such as the Borchardt, the Grill Royal and the Soho House. But we also like the small restaurants such as the Muret La Barba, the Goldenen Hahn or the Jolesch in Kreuzberg. And of course the wonderful PanAsia with its charming hostess Tina. Just check out the websites...

Last question: Where do Berliners jog?

Berliners jog in the wonderful parks. Simply look on the map where you are staying. Peter, for example, likes to jog around the Schlachtensee – there are rumours that he even swims in it the summer.


ALONSO DOMINGUEZ & PETER HENSSEN founded the agency Sugarhigh and both live in (and love) Berlin.






Platz der Republik

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Grolmanstraße 47

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Fasanenstraße 40, in Wilmersdorf

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Veteranenstr. 9

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