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    Besides outstanding service and high quality, a central location is characteristic for Motel One design hotels. In Nuremberg, you stay between the historic city centre St Lorenz and St Sebald close to the main station. Relax by the Wöhrder Lake, recharge your batteries in the Wöhrder Wiese Park, and then after you have rested stroll through the picturesque historic city centre. Close by the Lorenzkirche, the Breite Gasse and Karolinenstraße are a shoppers’ paradise. If you have to go to the exhibition centre on business, this MOTEL ONE is the perfect base for a good start to the day.

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    For whatever reason - airport, business or shopping - a stay in your Motel One is a perfect start to any day. The craftsmen's courtyard Handwerkerhof is a particularly charming feature of Nuremberg the shopping city. Here, pewterers, glass cutters and painters, doll makers and leather bag makers offer their wares against the typical timber-framed setting. In numerous small alleys around the main market square below the castle you can find designer clothes, jewellery, shoes and antiques.

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Cheap Hotel Nuremberg

cheap hotels Nuremberg

If you're looking to spend just a short time in Nuremberg and don't know where to start, then try the Nuremberg zoo. Considered one of Europe's most beautiful zoological gardens, you can spend a day on a tour of the world's fauna and flora. 

Offering a unique combination of diverse landscapes and wildlife, the zoo's extensive park landscape is beautifully designed with craggy red sandstone cliffs, centuries old trees and idyllic meadows and pastures. Our discount Motel One design hotel in the city is also the perfect base if your agenda includes the legendary "Rock im Park" Festival. If this is the case, make sure you book early as it's not just the festival tickets that are in high demand! A nice relaxing way to wind down your day is the "Marientorzwinger" – a beautiful shady beer garden with very reasonable local fare offering a relaxed yet stylish ambience – the ideal way to spend a balmy summer evening.

Or if your feet are still itching to dance, then check out the famous  "360 Grad" club, which has been a legend since the 80's and where you can usually find top international DJs playing a set or two at the weekend. And if the day's just flown by and you still haven't had time to see everything, then stay another night why don't you? Our cheap Motel One design hotels in Nuremberg make it easy to extend your stay without breaking the bank!