From May to September, guests at all our German and Austrian Motel One hotels can enjoy a very special treat: Del Fiore ice cream and affogati.


Especially in our One Bar, where you’ll be able to indulge in organic ice cream from the Munich producer Del Fiore non-stop until the end of September. The small ice cream cups can also be taken to go as a cool pick-me-up on the way to seeing the sights. 

All our German and Austrian Motel One hotels offer the following flavours:

  • Vanille Madagaskar (Madagascar vanilla)
  • Grand Cru Schokolade (Grand Cru chocolate)
  • Haselnuss Piemont IGP (Piemont IGP hazelnut)
  • Zitrone-Ingwer Sorbet (lemon-ginger sorbet, vegan)
  • Edbeer-Minze Sorbet (strawberry-mint sorbet, vegan)
  • Affogato: vanilla ice cream with freshly brewed espresso

We wish you a cool summer!

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… the creator of Del Fiore. Trained by Italy’s best gelaterias and driven by his passion for ice cream, Mr De Giglio wanted to reinvent ice cream production.

What sets Del Fiore apart from other ice cream brands?
The special thing about our ice cream is that, instead of the fruit giving the ice cream its flavour, it is the ice cream and its ingredients that allow the flavour of the fruit to fully release. That is the biggest difference.

Where do you get ideas for new flavours?
I get inspired by authentic, pure ingredients. When I discover a new fruit while travelling, such as a special variety of pear or a unique nut, then I think about how I can transform it into ice cream. 

Have any of your ice cream experiments gone wrong?
Yeah, a lot can go wrong when you’re creating new types of ice cream. Take our mango sorbet, for example. I bought a whole pallet of mangos at a wholesale market, ripe and very sweet. But the resulting sorbet didn’t taste like that at all. That’s how I learned that it isn’t the taste of the fruit that is important when creating ice cream, but the intensity of its aroma.

Which types of ice creams go well together?
I like to combine mild flavours like yoghurt or vanilla with fruity ones. In contrast, nutty flavours pair really well with spices, like hazelnut and cinnamon. Ideally, the second flavour should highlight the first one.

What makes Del Fiore the perfect partner for Motel One?
When you come into a Motel One room, you find a bed, bedding and a shower – everything you need. We at Del Fiore focus on the fruit and making sure its aroma is fully released. So just like Motel One, we focus on the important things.

Why doesn’t Del Fiore have any turquoise ice cream? 
Basically, because we would then need to use artificial colouring, and we’ve decided not to use any additives. I’m still not aware of any fruit that would give ice cream a turquoise colour when processed.

If you were an ice cream flavour, what would you be?
Because I like to travel, I would say that gianduia nougat is the flavour that best matches my personality: a combination of hazelnuts from Piemont and exotic chocolate!

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Header Image © Ava Kalaff

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