It’s Gin O’Clock at Motel One!

We have battled our way through the gin jungle.

Fans of this juniper-scented spirit already know: the Motel One bar is the best place to find a good gin. It’s no accident that our exclusive One Gin Menu 2018 was given the ‘Award der Gastfreundschaft’ (hospitality award) by GEVA. But we didn’t want to stop there. Which is why we’ve expanded and revamped our gin menu. In addition to carefully selected classics, you will now find 27 new types of gin, with a focus on newcomers to the scene and country-specific, regional distilleries.  

There’s something for everyone in our range of more than 50 gins, whether you’re into eccentric flavours like chilli and liquorice, or prefer a purist approach. We even have something to offer special effects enthusiasts, such as a gold gin and a ‘magic’ gin that changes colours when you add tonic. You can also learn more about the history and background of the traditional drink and the manufacturers in the small gin guide included in the menu, offering you insights into the ABCs of gin. Cheers!

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Our One Gin Menu

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One Gin Highlights

Five of our new favourites

Experience this blue wonder

Illusionist Dry Gin, which is filled by hand into earthenware bottles, is infused with butterfly pea blossoms to give it a deep blue colour. This plant’s natural pigment reacts to acid, such as tonic water, changing from blue to pink.

Tastes like: mace, juniper, angelique, lavender and rosemary – and nuances of fresh citrus fruits and cranberries. Floral and fruity

A heart of gold

Goldjunge Gin comes from the tradition-steeped ‘Golden City’ of Pforzheim. In addition to featuring the refined, fruity flavour of 22 botanicals, this gin is flecked with 22-carat gold leaf, lending it a distinctive, unique look. For truly ‘valuable’ moments of pleasure.

Tastes like: delicate aromas of juniper, raspberry, mint and citrus. Mild & fruity

A love letter to Stuttgart
GINSTR – Stuttgart Dry Gin

The hobby project of two connoisseurs was selected as the world's best gin for a gin & tonic as part of the International Wine and Spirit Competition. And it isn’t merely the bottle design that acts as an homage to Stuttgart – STR is the abbreviation for the airport, and the TV tower replaces the letter ‘i’ – Ginstr is made by hand in a small family distillery, refined using Stuttgart mineral water from Bad Cannstatt, and the juniper is grown locally. There are only 711 bottles per batch, each of which is numbered by hand.

Tastes like: fresh lemon, cardamom, coriander, Sichuan pepper and a hint of rosemary. Mild & refined. 

Attention to exotic detail

Founder Daniel Soumikh couldn’t believe his taste buds when he tried a gin & tonic flavoured with grated tonka bean while travelling through Spain. Back in Hamburg, he now produces this special gin by hand in a small distillery surrounded by orchards.

Tastes like: notes of sweet vanilla, dry bitter almonds and hay flower. Elegant & spicy

A wild Black Forest pearl

Ingredients that grow wild in the Black Forest are picked by hand to make this recipe extra special. Boar Gin is distilled using the rare Black Forest truffle. During the manufacturing process, this ingredient removes the gin’s bitter flavours, making it delightfully mild. Its exceptional taste has earned it the International Spirit Award 2018, among other prizes.

Tastes like: aromas of juniper, lavender and thyme, as well as light citrus notes. Complex interplay of pepper, rosemary and ginger notes. Smooth & gentle.